10 Best Linux Distributions with Special Purposes

Looking for best Linux distributions you can use to study or tinker with? To help you, here is a list of 10 best Linux distributions made for special purposes.

One great thing about Linux distros is that it can be customized to do anything you wanted. Linux distributions are made according to different purposes to suit specific users. Many of today’s popular Linux distributions are results of hard work by individuals, team, or a group of peoplethat are dissatisfied with the current options that are available to them. In short they modify, change, and tinker codes in order to create a specific Linux distribution that would suit their need.

Below is a list of 10 best Linux distributions along with their special purposes.

10 Best Linux Distributions and Their Special Purposes

1. BackTrack Linux


Download BackTrack

Ever wanted to be a penetration tester or a certified ethical hacker? Then, the BackTrack Linux distribution is for you. BackTrack Linux is a penetration testing Linux distro that can be used on different network and computer security testing using a wide variety of pentest tools which includes: Information gathering, Social engineering, Vulnerability assessment, Privilege escalation, Exploitaint tools, Stress testing, Forensics, and more.

2. Tails


Download Tails

Tails is a devian based live Linux distribution that includes Tor, crypto and secure delection tools for those who want to be complete anonymity online.

3. Vortexbox


Download Vortexbox

Vortexbox provides solution to RIP, store and steam CD’s, digital music, as well as Internet radio in being a part of a music system. IT lets you stream high-quality music to wireless players and network players using the built in uPNP (DLNA) Server. It also provides network data storage to other devices and computers on your network.

4. Edubuntu


Download Edubuntu

Edubuntu is based on Ubuntu grassroot movement to make free education software what can made available all over the world.

5. LinuxCNC


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Are you a mechanical engineer or have great interest in machine designing? Then LinuxCNC can help you. LinuxCNC is a Linux distribution made for computer control of machines which includes milling machines, plasma cutters, hexapos, cutting machines, and more.

6. Parted Magic OS

parted magic os

Download Parted Magic OS

Parted Magic OS is probably the best Linux distribution for formatting internal and external hard drives. It lets you easily move, copy, create, delete, expand, and shrink hard drive partitions. If you ever wanted to clone your hard drive, or create a full backup of it, then Parted Magic OS is highly recommended. IT also lets you test hard drives for impending failure, as well as test memory for bad sectors.

Another feature of it is that you can benchmark your computer for a performance rating using it. You can also use it for, securely erasing your entire drive, plus it gives access to non-booting systems allow you to troubleshoot and recue important files on it. Parted Magic OS runs from CD, with no installation required.

7. SystemRescueCD


Download SystemRescueCD

SystemRescueCD is a Linux distribtution system rescue disk that is similar to Parted Magic OS except that it allows you to repair and recover a system after it crashes. It has system administrator tools that includes antivirus/rootkit scanner, file recovery, resetting Windows admin password, and more.

8. Scientific Linux

scientific linux

Download Scientific Linux

Scientific Linux is the SL is a Linux distribution that was put together by Fermilab, CERN, and various labs and universities around the world. Its purpose is to reduce duplicated effort of the labs, and to have a common install base for different experimenters.

9. Mythbuntu


Download Mythbuntu

Mythbuntu is an official Ubuntu based Linux distribution that focuses on setting up a standalone MythTV based PVR system. The Mythbuntu can be used to prepare standalone system to integrate with existing MythTV network.

10. Ubuntu Studio

ubuntu studio

Download Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a free, open, and powerful Linux distribution made for creative people to create their art. Whether you are working with audio, video, photography, or graphic design, the Ubuntu Studio is the Linux distro you should go for.

While there are so many more Linux distributions that are made for certain type of user or work, the list above contains the best Linux distributions for the special purposes.