100% Working SEO Strategy

Boosting Search Engine Visibility

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” Making your site optimized for search engines means attempting to increase your rankings in the results pages in case a specific keyword you are targeting is typed into the search box. While there are tons of search engine optimization services you can avail, it is better if you have a 100% working SEO strategy for your site.


There are two types of search engines listings that you have to know: organic search results and “sponsored links”, which are usually paid.

Below is a screenshot of a Google® search results page. The listings that are highlighted in red are paid ads, and the listings that are highlighted in green are the organic results.

seo strategy

100% working search engine optimization strategy to boost search engine visibility. Market your business with the SEO basic principles.

Organic Results

Organic search engine results are considered as “free traffic”.  Search engine optimization strategies are focused on how to optimize sites to appear in the organic listings page, preferably in the first page. See the screen shot above to see where the organic results and paid listings are positioned in the Google search engine results page.

“Robots” or “crawlers” are used by search engines like Google®, Yahoo!® and MSN® to score and rank webpages that they found in the Internet. The robots “rank” pages based on how relevant the information is. With the recent updates on Google® search algorithm, websites that has poor quality of contents was brought down the rankings. The updates highly affected EMD or “exact match domains” that ranks high on search engine results with low quality contents. A webpage’s rank on search engine depends on hundreds of variables namely: keyword density, link popularity, HTML code, website content, website themes, page load speed, and more. To position yourself better in major search engines you will want to focus on several areas in your SEO strategy. Here are two important factors for your 100% working SEO strategy:

  1. Link Popularity
    Think of links as votes for your webpage. Robots that are used by spider-driven search engines travel through links from web page to another web page. A website’s search engine rank is determined by countless of variables including density and frequency of keywords on your site’s content, link popularity, site themes, page loading speed and more.

    Google is the most popular search engine site. It holds in its database billions and billions of pages being indexed and its job is to find the most relevant information according to the searched query. Google spiders the Web and find sites through links. So, the more sites and domains link to you, the more important the search engine believe your content is. You should concentrate in getting as many important sites to link in your website. Keep in mind that you should stay away from linking on spam sites and getting links unnaturally. You can use these ways on how to increase your Link Popularity: doing guest blogging, submitting to online directories, exchanging links with industry-related sites and business partners, and participating in Link Building.

  2. Page Content
    Your content determines what your website is all about. This helps search engines spiders determine how high your site will be scored for specific keyword phrases or long tail keywords as visitors type them into the search engine query box.
  3. Keyword Research
    Keyword research is a critical factor in obtaining visitors via the search engines. Add keyword researching as a part of your SEO strategy. Knowing how many people are searching for a keyword phrase and how big the competition is for that particular keyword gives you a bird’s eye view on how to plan your way to gain the top spot in the search engine results.
  4. Paid Listings
    A great way to drive traffic quickly to your website is to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Google’s AdWords PPC Program shows sponsored links on Google’s search results pages. Websites that shows on paid ads bid for a particular keyword phrases and pay Google® a small fee each time the ad is clicked. Using the Google AdWords you can set a daily budget. When you maxed out your budget, Google will then pull out your ad for that day.

Keep in mind that search engines constantly update and refine their search engine ranking algorithms in order to “show” the most relevant sites. Organic search engine ranking places puts importance on critical factors which includes number of relevant sites linking, website’s design and layout, keyword density and content. SEO Factors that have huge impact on search engine placement include:

SEO Content: Creating the right content is crucial for your SEO victory.

Link Popularity: Focus in increasing traffic by gaining links from various high-ranking websites.

Keyword Research: Find the right keywords for your niche.

Website Theme: Your website’s layout, design, navigation, and page load speed should be improved for SEO.

Watch this video and learn what you should include for your SEO strategy!
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