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Cool Facebook Status Tricks with HTML and FBML Inject

Cool Facebook Status Tricks with HTML and FBML Inject

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Want to do some cool Facebook status tricks with HTML and FBML inject posted in your wall, friend’s wall, or fan page? Then try out these cool statuses tweaks in your Facebook now. While some FBML injection codes like the Live Stream event and the HTML button are not working anymore in Facebook, these statuses that are describe below still works.

First let’s discuss what it HTML and FBML. HTML or the HyperText Markup Language is the main language for websites, where codes are written in for of HTML elements. FBML on the otherhand, stands for Facebook Markup Language. FBML has been deprecated and Facebook states that starting June 1, 2012, the FBML apps will no longer work because the FBML enpoints will be removed. Knowing this, let’s try this cool Facebook status tricks and tweaks before FBML stops working.

In this guide, you’re going to learn the “Facebook Chat” and the “HTML Center”  status tricks.

Here are some of the Facebook Status Tricks

Facebook Chat Status Trick

Using the code below will your Facebook chat box will appear in your post and will display all your online friends.

Facebook Chat Status Trick demo:

http://www.facebook.com/dialog/feed?app_id=233200376778598&actions=[{ name: 'Share', link: 'http://www.wiztechie.com/' }]&source=http://www.wiztechie.com/&redirect_uri=https://www.facebook.com&link=http://www.wiztechie.com/&name=%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton%3E%3Cb%3EMay God always bless these kind persons below %3C/b%3E%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton%3E%3Cb%3Ewith%3C/b%3E%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton%3E%3Cb%3Epeace, love and happiness%3C/b%3E%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton%3E%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Ccenter%3E%3Cfb:chat-invite msg=%22http://www.wiztechie.com/%22 condensed=%22false%22 %22/%3E%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton%3EShare this post and find out what yours will look like%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E

Facebook Chat Status Trick screenshot:

Facebook Chat Status Trick

Facebook HTML Center Status Trick

In this Facebook status tweak, the code below will center the name or the title you have indicated.

Facebook HTML Center Status Trick demo:

Copy the below code, and paste it in new browser tab, to see the demo.


Facebook HTML Center Status Trick screenshot:

Facebook HTML Center Status Trick

If you wanted to target a specific friend or fan page, you can add the code below at the end of the status codes above.


The ID_NO refers to the Facebook ID number of your friend or fan page, you can view this by looking at the Facebook link in the status bar of your browser while hovering through your friend or fanpage link.

If your are looking for some other cool fun ways you can do in Facebook. Here are some related Facebook guides for you to enjoy.

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Enjoyed these Facebook status tricks and tweaks? Why not try it in your Facebook wall. You will like what you will see. Note that these cool Facebook status tricks with HTML and FBML inject still works as of now when this article was written. So enjoy using it and have fun!

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11 Responses to “Cool Facebook Status Tricks with HTML and FBML Inject”

  1. Oh my! too much techie terms for me.. nonetheless, very helpful. =)

  2. ILIKE.,,, superB… and informative ha..tas ang dali,.

  3. Matsumoto says:

    Coolness! I’m sure I’d be able to use these tricks sometime soon!

  4. Lizzie says:

    I’ve just learned about it here. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Blanca says:

    My simple mind can’t seem to get the technical stuffs at first reading, had to reread this over. haha. this is a great tip, will try it. goodluck to me.:)

  6. Gene says:

    Cool trick! I wonder when will I make use of this in my blog’s page.

  7. marri says:

    sakit nmn sa ulo ng mga terms like html, fbml…
    di ba pwedeng copy/paste na lng para madali ang paggawa?
    spoonfeed ba? LOL :)
    tnx for the info.

  8. yikes, I mess it up! I couldn’t get it working. I’m really not good at these stuff!

  9. rachelle says:

    very nice tricks! haha! will find time to do this.. this will impress my friends in fb. thanks for sharing!

  10. Pinay Mama says:

    Cool. I’m excited to try them all later. Hihi!

  11. Stef says:

    This is really cool! I’d like to try this sometime.

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