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Twiends Seeds Cheat to Get More Twitter Followers

Twiends Seeds Cheat to Get More Twitter Followers

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In this guide, you will learn how to use Twiends Seeds cheat to get more twitter followers. Twitter is one of the top social networking site and microblogging service. Almost all artists, marketers, and celebreties are tapping Twitter’s power to contact and relay messages to friends, family, fans, and customers. Twitter is also one of the best ways to make money online and get traffic for your website as there are millions and millions of people that is using twitter.

Twiends, on the other hand is a site whre you can promote your Twitter as well as grow you social network. Twiends is completely free, and have 3000+ signups a day. It also have over 1,000,000+ members in their site as of today, and have 300,000+ visitors a month.

So how can Twiends help you gain more followers in Twitter?

Twiends uses seeds to grow your Twitter network. The seed acts a points wherein you get it by following a Twiends user, and you having that points, will make another user follow you. It’s more like a mutual exchange. To put it simply, it’s a “follow someone, and someone will follow you” theme. So more Twiends seeds that you have, the more Twitter followers you will gain.

Secret Underground Trick to Get More Twitter Followers using Twiends Seeds Cheat

Twiends Seeds Cheat

Before you start, this guide is just for education purpose and I’m not responsible with what can happen to your account.

Important: Although this can gain you HUGE amount of Twitter followers. Do not overuse this trick as there is a Twitter follower limit per day.

1. Login to your Twitter account.

2. Go to Twiends, and Sign in with Twitter.

3. Authorize the app, to use your Twitter account.

4. Once you are taken to the Twiends home page. Go to the following url listed below.(Choose only one of the links below, I prefer to use the “ALL”)




5. Enter the following Twiends Seeds Cheat javascript code in the url bar of your browser. (If you’re using Google Chrome, just press CTRL+Shift+J, then paste the code below, and hit enter.)

javascript: /* wiztechie.com */ function tr_f() { var followlinks = []; for (var i=0; i < document.links.length; i++) {if (document.links[i].getAttribute("class")=="follow"){followlinks[followlinks.length] = document.links[i];}} /* wiztechie.com */ for (var i=0; i<followlinks.length; i++) {var rrr=followlinks[i].onclick();} } tr_f();


6. See your Twiends seeds grow fast!

See Twiends Seeds Cheat in Action (using Google Chrome as browser)

How to Mass Unfollow Twitter Followers?

Gained so much followers, but having problems because you follow to many? Do not worry, I’ll teach you a trick on how to mass unfollow Twitter followers. Remember that there is a Twitter limit per day on how many you can follow, use the trick below to unfollow users that are not following you back.

1. Go to ManageFlitter.

2. Click on Start to manage your Twitter Account.


3. Click on Connect to Twitter.

4. Click on the Quick Edit to expand and show Twitter users that are not following you back.

5. Highlight and select them all, then click “Unfollow Selected

This will mass unfollow all Twitter users that you are following and not following you back. This way you get to trim down the users that you are following.

Hope you enjoy this trick and guide on Twiends Seeds Cheat to Get More Twitter Followers and how to mass unfollow Twitter followers!

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14 Responses to “Twiends Seeds Cheat to Get More Twitter Followers”

  1. carlos lindayag says:

    nice post.thanks for sharing=)

    • Wiz Techie says:

      Hope this post had been helpful. I’m pretty sure you’ve made more followers with this. :)

      • SJay says:

        I dont get it. I have chrome and I dont know where to post the url. i pressed the ctrl-shift, nd j.but theres no where for me to paste it

        • Wiz Techie says:

          Hi SJay,

          When you press CTRL + Shift + J in Google Chrome, it will open the Developer Tools window, and from there you can paste the code above, then hit Enter.

          BTW you can also paste the code in your browser url.

          Hope that helps.

  2. Fully working! Fantastic guide on how to use Twiends effectively. I’ve grown my Twitter followers with this.

  3. ivan says:

    Arigato! Your Twiends seeds cheat rocks. Boosted my Twitter account.

  4. Adam says:

    It once i i hiot ctrl shirft J it comes up but it will not let me paste in there and when i type it in the url box it just brings me 2 google search pleaseeee help!!

    • Wiz Techie says:

      Hi Adam,

      Use Google Chrome if you are doing the CTRL+Shift+J. It will open up a console. In the console paste the code, and press Enter.

  5. Fredd says:

    Where Do I Post The Url Code At . I Pressed Ctrl Shift j But Cant Find Anywhere to Paste the code .

  6. mlo says:


    Thanks for the code! Works great.

    But I have a request.

    I want to increase my number of followers but not the number of people I’m following. Can you provide a code to only force INACTIVE or FAKE accounts to follow me? And the code doesn’t have to induce mass followers. I don’t mind doing this gradually and choosing specific inactive/fake accounts to force-follow me.

    I’d appreciate it if you could help me on this and I know most people would like this too.

  7. Sylvio says:

    Heyyy can anyone help me? When I open up the console and paste it and press enter, it does not work, it says “undefined”

  8. David says:

    Thankyou, The script starts fine (chrome) but then stops after about 50 adds.
    Is this normal or should it just run and run?

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