5 Google Gmail Timesaver Tips and Tricks

Do you have a Gmail account? Then try out these five Google Gmail Timesaver tips and tricks that can make you manage your email effectively. Gmail is Google’s free email service and is probably one of the most efficient email services around. Over the years, Google has been constantly improving Gmail on their own unique approach and made it bigger and better along with its features.


One advantage of having your own Gmail account is that you can avail Google services  such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords, YouTube account, Google Analytics, and more for free. Creating your Gmail account automatically creates your own Google Account that you can use on different Google services.

Below are five great Google Gmail tips and tricks that you can use for your Gmail account.

1. Show only favorite labels.

Gmail labels

Gmail create new label

Gmail labels allow the user to assign multiple categories in a single Gmail message. Like for example, when you are reading an email from your relative about planning for a family weekend trip, you can use the label icon located at the top, and create one label called “Family”, and other called “To Follow”. Later you can use the Family label to filter out all other messages besides the one tags with Family, or you can just check your “To Follow” label for emails or messages you want to answer later.

2. Use search filters to sort important email messages.

gmail search filter

Search filters are a great technique to automatically sort out email messages based on selected attributes such as sender’s address, subject keywords, a word in the body, or even whether the email message include attachments. If you have tons and tons of email messages, then using the search filter feature can really help you. To access the search feature tool, just click on the search bar above.

3. Customize your Gmail inbox.

gmail priority inbox

While Gmail offers different ways to organize your inbox, one of the most useful features is the Priority Inbox. You can access the Priority Inbox, by doing mouse over on the Inbox label, and clicking the arrow like icon that appears next to it. Your inbox will be changed and will show three sections: Important, Starred, and Everything Else.

gmail important email

You can mark your essential messages as important by using the little tag button near the subject of the email. The difference between marking an email message as important and starring is that once you already read a message, it will disappear from the important list. Starring an email message is like pinning it to a cork board at your work desk, the starred message will only disappear once you have remove the star.

4. Use and turn on two-factor authentication.

If you want to have a better security protection on your Gmail accounts then turn on the two-factor authentication feature. Two-factor authentication means that anytime someone attempts to sign in into your account from a new device, Google will alert you and require your permission before granting access via the original authenticated device that you have specified, such  cellphone or mobile phone.

5. Use the Video Chat in Gmail.

gmail start hangout

Gmail has an integrated Google+ Hangouts, which is Google’s tool that lets people (up to ten) to do video chat, collaborate on apps, and share their screens together. Using this feature, you can launch a meeting of hangout online with some of your friends without having to switch away from your email. To activate the video chat feature, just click the video camera icon located at the top of the chat list in your Gmail to start a Hangout.

Using the five Google Gmail timesaver tips and tricks above, you can manage effectively your inbox thus increasing your productivity and workflow.