5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Tablets will Likely Be a Huge Hit in 2012

5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Tablets will Likely Be a Huge Hit in 2012

Windows 8 News Analysis: The Windows 8 tablets are scheduled to launch in 2012. Even though Microsoft has not been able to win significant amount of market share for Windows on tablets, some of the market watchers are saying the Windows 8 will be a huge hit.

Windows 8 Tablets

As of now people around the world are going to the stores to get their hands on tablets from Apple’s iPad 2 to Amazon Kindle Fire and to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and with the discount deals from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals event probably more and more people bought tablets.

Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft has acknowledge the importance of tablets but so far has unable to gain any significant in market share. But with the coming of Windows 8, Microsoft believes things will change.

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet

Here are 5 reasons why Windows 8 Tablets will be a huge hit in 2012:

Reason 1: Vendors are already lining up

Notable companies like HP and Dell will be supporting Windows 8. HP CEO Meg Whitman said the HP will be offering Windows 8 based tablets and see confident that they will succeed.

Reason 2: Windows 8 apps and accessories could play a vital role

With regards to tablets, it’s very important to consider third-part product that make the tablets appealing. Android have Android apps and iOS devices have iOS apps, but it seems that only few accessories work with these tablets. But with Windows 8, just about anything would work with the tablets, since the operating system can provide legacy support for all peripherals.

Reason 3: It is what people know

Let us face the fact that even though Windows 8 design is dramatically been changed, it’s still the same old operating system on its core. And still there are millions of people all over the world that haven’t used any other operating system besides Windows.

Reason 4: Timing is everything

There are people who says that Microsoft is too late for the tablet game, and therefore cannot make up with the lost ground. However, recent research suggests that there would be an explotion for the tablet market in 2012. Perhaps Microsoft is just waiting for the right time to get into the tablet market game.

Reason 5: Android security is weighing heavily

Android-based tablets would dominate the marketplace with these coming years which is believed by some analyts and researchers. But the thing is that Android suffers from a number of security issues that are getting worse. but with Windows, Windows 8 would be the most-secure Windows version yet.