5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Fan Page Sucks

Facebook Fan Page is certainly one way of driving traffic to your website or company webpage. Learn the reasons why your Facebook fan page sucks. With Facebook being the number one social networking site it is now a trend for business owners to have a page about their brand.

Before reading the next few reasons why your Facebook Fan page sucks, you need to understand that it takes time and effort to invest in social media and be able to see the returns. Social media strategy requires long term thinking and patience. While it may take some time to build a community or fans in Facebook, I must say that in the long run it would be worth it.

reasons facebook page sucks

Without further ado here are five of the reasons why your Facebook fan page sucks, and I believe there are many out there that really do.

5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Fan Page Sucks

1. No Social Media Strategy

Do you happen to know the goal of your Facebook fan page? How do you get more likes? Is it to increase brand awareness? Or create a wonderful community about your brand? Well, your social media strategy may consist of all these goals, though having a great social media strategy means that you make your goals clear. Many businesses just launch a Facebook page just because their competitors have one.  But in order for you not to have a Facebook fan page that sucks, you need to create and think upon a right social media strategy.

One way of having a good social media strategy is to analyze your competitors especially those who got so many likes. Basically they are doing something the works. Try to mimic or make it better, and for sure you will get that likes in no time.

2. No Updated Content

People visit a Facebook fan page because of its content, and if you are not updating your content then chances are your Facebook fan page sucks. If you do not post anything on your Facebook page then no one will visit it, not even your friends. We live in a fast moving world where news today might me outdated tomorrow. Try to post content as often. Recommended posting is about 3 to 4 times per day.

3.  Your Content Sucks

If your content sucks then probably your Facebook page sucks. Let’s be honest here. People are looking for interesting and fun content. The best Facebook fan pages out there provide fun and entertaining content. If you want to see an example of a good Facebook page, try to look out for humor Facebook pages, chances are they got a huge number of “talking about”, which is a number that indicates about how many people are talking about your Facebook page.

4. You Do Not Post Photos

Let’s face it, the Facebook timeline is focusing heavily on visual content; so, if you decide to post just text messages on your Facebook page (not unless you are Robert Kiyosaki or a super star), then visitors might not entirely read them. The way it works is that photos or pictures attracts public and make them be more participating.

5. You Do Not Interact With Your Fans

If you want to build a community, then there should be communication. Your post must be presented in such a way that it promotes interaction either with you and your fans, or the fans themselves. Think of this, most of the viral post on Facebook, contains both image as well as text that make the person looking on it, want to either share it, or comment about it. Usually a good solid post, which makes “interaction” with your fans, provides some emotional power on it like humor, adventure, or simply information that could change thousands of lives.

That’s it! Hope you had fun reading the 5 reasons why your Facebook page sucks, and hope it will help build a better Facebook fan page.