5 Resources on How to be a Programmer Using Only Your Browser

You can be a programmer. Contrary to what you may think, here are 5 resources to help you how to be a programmer.

For these past couple of years, there was a growing demand for programmers, which is still growing as of today. While books offer huge help on how to be a programmer, there are advance tools today where you can directly code or program in a development environment using only your browser.

Using these 5 resources you can start learning how to program and how to code without installing a programming environment of an IDE. If you want to be a programmer right away, then try out these ways that are readily available for you to use. While these resources can help on how to be a programmer, you need motivation and desire to really be a good programmer.

5 Great Resources on How to be a Programmer Using Only Your Browser

1. Codecademy


Codecademy offers a free interactive and fun environment for you to learn how to code. Using it you can learn how to build websites, games, and apps. You can also track your own progress and compare that progress with your friend to make sure that you are learning more.

Codecademy offers free courses for JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and JQuery.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy just recently updated their new computer science section. You can now use it to explore, create, and share your very own computer programs. They provide tutorials on programming that will strengthen your programming foundation. If you want to make an iPhone app, video game, or website then Khan Academy programming exercises will help you.

3. Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript provides modern introduction to programming. It is actually a book and available on the web for free. Its web version has interactive lessons which you can participate and complete within your browser.  If you are a beginner and looking for a good resource for you learn programming and introduction to computer science, then try visiting Eloquent JavaScript.

4. Code School

Code School

Code School offers free and paid courses. Their courses include programming tutorial screencasts which are followed by interactive exercises. Some of the available courses aimed for programmers that want to improve and advance their skills. Code School courses include Ruby on Rails, Git, CSS, Node.js and more.

5. Code Avengers

Code Avengers

Code Avengers makes you learn how to program the fun way. They offer lessons for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  The lessons includes tasks and instructions that you will be performing in order to learn how to code.  Code Avengers currently it has three tutorials: JavaScript Level 1, JavaScript Level 2, and HTML/CSS.

While these resource are available for you to learn how to program or code, it’s really up to you if you want to learn or not. Programming requires practice and dedication in order to become an expert. Using these tools you will get your hands on your keyboard and start learning how to code online. These 5 resources offer fun and interactive ways on how to be a programmer using only your browser. Act now, and start learning.


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