6 Great Video Learning Resources for Tech Entrepreneurs

6 Great Video Learning Resources for Tech Entrepreneurs

Looking for video learning resources where you can learn from tech entrepreneurs? Here is a list of 6 great video learning resources to help you learn things from various interests and disciplines. All of the Elearning videos are browseable online and provides solid information and thoughts straight from successful tech entrepreneurs themselves.

1. Ted Talks

ted talks

Ted Talks offers great talks that will stir your curiosity. You can browse by any subject, length, or rating.

2. Startup School

startup school

Startup School is a yearly event organized by Y Combinator. It show video presentation of different tech startup speakers in their event which includes Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook),  Travis Kalanick (Uber), Jessica Livingston (Y Combinator), Patrick Collison (Stripe), Ben Silbermann (Pinterest), Ben Horowitz (Opware), Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten), Joel Spolsky (StackExchange), and David Rusenko (Weebly).

3. Stanford’s ECorner

stanford ecorner

Standford ECorner or the Standford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner offers over 2000 free videos and podcasts that features enrepreneurship and innovation though leaders. Popular videos includes “What Great Leaders Do” by Bob Sutton (Stanford University), “Opportunity Recognition and Leveraging One’s Experience” by William A. Sahlman (Harvard Business School), and “Leadership and Capability” by Carly Florina (Former CEO of HP).

4. Foundation

Foundation Kevin Rose

Foundation is hosted by Kevin Rose and is a monthly video series interviewing influential founders in the tech community.

5. Mixergy


Mixergy is a place where you can learn from proven enterpreneurs and has over 601 interviews and 28 courses in counting. Mixergy is hosted my Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy.com.

6. Rise to the Top

rise to the top

Rise to the Top is a resource and community for mediapreneurs with David Siteman Garland interviewing people who have been successful in building an online business.

Listening to this various video interviews and talks of successful tech entrepreneurs will certainly teach you a lot, and ultimately be able to monetize your expertise in tech or your passion for technology online as well as turn them into profitable services, courses, products, and more.

Browse on these 6 great video learning resources for tech entrepreneurs and play a video or two, and for sure you will learn a lot and hopefully be able to apply it on your business, work, or company.