9 Simple SEO Strategies To Rank Your Site First in Google

Want to rank first in Google search results? Then consider these simple SEO strategies to rank your site first in Google and other search engines.

Being a blogger or a website owner, one of your major goals is to drive traffic on your site. That being said the best traffic comes from search engines and Google has the biggest share in the search engine market, and that’s why you want to rank first for your keyword in Google. Understand that SEO plays a critical factor in doing this.

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Here are some simple SEO strategies that I’ve applied to my website to rank in several keywords and keyword phrases in Google search results.

1. Generate your own unique content.

The best SEO strategy you can apply for your blog or site is to go for uniqueness of your content. Google Panda and Penguin updates penalize some sites that did not have unique content on their web pages.

2. Choose the right keywords for your site.

I have to admit, having a technology blog rank better in Google search results is hard as keywords then to be more competitive, so one of the SEO strategies you can use is choose the right keywords. Think of the things that you make the user type in search engines. Having a good keyword is important to get traffic through search engines.

3. Avoid competing ranking for general keywords.

While the word “cars” has over 2 million Google exact searches, it is not good to compete with general keywords such as that. Keywords should be more focused like “best cars 2012” or “best new cars 2012”, depending on your site content. Targeting general keywords might make yourself target a wrong audience base.

4. Proper keyword placement in your content.

Make sure that you have your keyword in your site contents. Ranking your keyword without having it in your site content is not wise at all. Generally, your primary keyword phrases should be placed in your title tags, heading, website content, and as an anchor text.

5. Create content with proper keyword density.

Keyword stuffing can make your website be tagged as a spam. You should be wary of your keyword density. Recommended keyword density for Google is about 1-4% keyword density and about 3% for Yahoo. (This works for me.)

6. Include anchor tag links with corresponding page title in your content.

If you have articles or posts like “seo training” or “seo training philippines” then it is good to refer those articles by creating an anchor text link based on the contents keywords. Doing this would help make your pages rank higher.

7. Provide relevant keywords depending on your content.

Choose only keywords that will be relevant on your site’s content. Also when creating your content, keep in mind that your site’s content should be user friendly, and at the same time search engine friendly. Your site content can expand in unexpected ways as your website grows, so if your site and its contents just focused on targeting a primary keyword, then chances are your site is ranking better for that keyword in search engine results.

8. Do link building for your keyword.

To be honest, I don’t really focus on this one, and I seldom do this. But if you are really serious and want to rank first in Google then you should be doing this. This is one of the SEO strategies that you should be doing. The more links with keywords pointing on your site means the better your site will rank well in Google.  Be wary tough that irrelevant links can damage your site and your site reputation as well.

9. Leave comments on related blogs or do guest blog posting.

Yes, this is one critical SEO factor that you should do. Leaving relevant keywords in blog comments raises your keyword ranking, and guest posting in relevant sites will make your site and its content be on authority. Though I seldom and rarely do this, hopefully I am doing the first 7 simple SEO strategies and that is working fine for me. But if your targeted keyword means a lot for you then never skip this out. Chances are your competitors are doing this especially for keywords that have high monetary value, and you can’t outrank them if you skip this.

Proceed in doing these SEO strategies and you will be ranking your website better in search engines. Hope these 9 simple SEO strategies to rank first in Google helped you.

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