How to Access Wikipedia During SOPA Wikipedia Blackout

How to Access Wikipedia During SOPA Wikipedia Blackout

As Wikipedia promotes to raise awareness protesting against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act), which are two bills in the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate that efforts to stop copyright infingement done by foreign web sites, they are blacking out English Wikipedia starting at January 18 midnight, Eastern Time.

“Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge”

SOPA Wikipedia Blackout


Wikipedia is against the SOPA and PIPA as they have said in their site, that these bills are in a way can actually infinges free expression while harming the Internet and if these bills passed then it would be devastating to the free and open web.

While it is still possible to access Wikipedia during the black out, by disabling JavaScript in your browser or using mobile devices and smart phones. Here are some other ways to access Wikipedia.

Note that some of the plugins that we would be using are used by web developers to a bit of technical knowledge is needed. Easiest way of how to access Wikipedia during it’s SOPA Wikipedia Blackout is by disabling JavaScript in your browser. See steps below on how to disable JavaScript for each browser.

How to Access Wikipedia During SOPA Wikipedia Blackout

Disabling JavaScript in your Browser

How to Disable Javascript in Firefox

Firefox Disable Javascript

From Tools > Go to Options > Then Go to Content > Uncheck “Enable Javascript”

How to Disable Javascript in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Disable Javascript

Click the Settings Button (the wrench tool icon below the “close” button) > Click “Options” > Click “Under the Hood” > Click “Content Settings” under Privacy > Under JavaScript choose “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”

How to Disable Javascript in Internet Explorer

IE9 Disable Javascript

Go to Tools > Click “Internet Options” > Go to “Security Tab” > Click “Custom Level” > Under the Scripting, Click Disable in “Active scripting”

Alternatively you can use the Firefox NoScript Add-on or the Firefox Web Developer Add-on

Web Developer Firefox Disable Javascript

More advanced way of how to access Wikipedia during it’s SOPA Wikipedia Blackout

Using Firebug in Firefox

Firebug Wikipedia Blackout

Using Firebug:
1. Delete the “mw-sopaOverlay”
2. Change all the “display: none;” under the “body” code to “display: block;”

Using Tamper Data in Firefox

Tamper Data Wikipedia Blackout

1. Start Tamper Data
2. Load your Wikipedia page
3. Keep clicking “Submit” to all except for a request with “title=Special%3ABannerListLoader”, click Abort Request when that appears.

All these techniques will let you access Wikipedia during SOPA Wikipedia Blackout.

If you want to help Wikipedia with its SOPA initiative/Action and let your voice be heard. Check out their main site.

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