Android Hackers Will Demonstrate Android Spy Agent: Mobile Spy App and Botnet

This coming Sunday, India, New Delhi will host the international Hackers Conference where blackhat hackers will be discussing the newest challenges in cyber safety and mobile security.

One of the presenters will demonstrate the “Android Spy Agent”, a mobile application based on the Android platform. Mahesh Rakheja, Independent Security Researchers of India, will show how the application will allow an attacker to remotely access the entire victim’s personal information stored in their Android mobile phone.

android spy agent

This information may include the victim’s contacts, call logs, messages, GPS location, browser’s history and other information that are directly available in his or her mobile. Android Spy Agent can also allow a hacker to remotely delete the data that are available in victim’s cellphone.

For the mobile spy app to work, the attacker must gain access to the victim’s mobile phone for at least 20 seconds, enough time for the attacker to install the app and restart the cell phone.

The Android Spy Agent will be hidden in the victim’s mobile phone and won’t allow the victim to easily install or delete it.

Another Android topic in the conference is the “All your Droids belong to me: A look into Mobile Security in 2012”, which will be presented by Aditya Gupta and Subho Halder. As Android OS is one of the fastest growing mobile operating system it is a viable target for malwares and botnets. The topic will include an inside view on how the blackhat underground uses malwares and botnets to earn 5-6 digit income per month.

Visit The Hackers Conference site, for the complete list of the technical speakers and their respective topics.