Apple App Store Bypassed Without Jailbreaking By Russian Hacker ZonD80

While jailbreaking is the only way possible to get working premium apps in Apple devices like iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iTouch, and other iDevices, a Russian hacker ZonD80 was able to bypass the Apple App Store without jailbreaking. This means that he was able to get premium apps without paying and without jailbreaking his phone. Read more on how ZonD80 manage to bypass the Apple App Store.

Apple is now investigating this security breach in its itunes app store which was used by the Russian hacker to bypass payment and download apps for free.

apple app store

The hacker, with an alias name of ZonD80, posted a video of the crack on YouTube (already deleted by YouTube) and claims that the technique made it possible to beat Apple App Store’s payment systems by installing a couple of certificates and assigning a specific IP address to the Apple device.

The crack requires no jailbreaking and only minimal configuration changes. The crack works by funneling purchase requests through a server being operated by the hacker, rather than the legitimate server by Apple. As a result of it, the charges that would normally be applied to a user’s account are bypassed.

Below are the steps used for the Apple App Store Crack:

1. Install two certificates: CA and

2. Connect via Wi-Fi network and change the DNS to

3. Press Like button and enter your Apple ID and password.

Using the above crack, you are actually stealing an in-app purchase content from the app developers, which is against the developer’s terms of service. ZonD80 is now asking for donations to setup a website to promote the crack. He said that, “Why you must to pay for content, already included in purchased app? I think, you must not”.

Apple responded stating that the security of the app store is incredibly important to them and the developer community, and take reports of fraudulent activity very seriously and they are currently investigating it.