Apple Genius Training Student Workbook Download?

Looking for how to download Apple Genius Training Student Workbook? Apple’s secret Genius Training student workbook has just been leaked into the internet which teaches Apple’s employees how to be a genius, and Gizmodo received a copy of it. If you are looking for downloaded or pdf version of the Apple’s secret Genius training manual then chances is you won’t be able to find one.

No, Apple Genius Training Student Workbook download available yet. See below for some of the leaked photos and contents of it.

Gizmodo only showed some snippets of the leaked Apple Genius training student workbook, which includes a gamut of Apple Dos and Don’t, specific words that you are not allowed to use, and some lessons on how to capitalize and identify on human emotions.

The secret manual looks like more of a Psychology 101 course rather than a retail salesmen guide. It isn’t just a technical training, it is human conditioning. Whatever Apple Genius Training is teaching seems to be working, as Apple stores continue to dominate sales and increase their profits.

Apple Genius Training Student Workbook Download

Apple Geniuses based on the how to be a genius, Apple’s secret employee training manual instructed directly to never apologize, also Apple Geniuses are told to never ever say certain words. In short, it teaches the business of selling.

Bootcamp for Geniuses

Over 14 days you will pass through some of the “Genius” programs like “Fearless Feedback”, “Safety in the Retail Stores”, and “ The Power of Empathy” which fill you up with knowledge on Genius Actions and Characteristics.

The Good Fight

The manual also contains sentences and phrases which helps increase salesmanship.


The manual and training teaches Apple’s staffers that if they don’t feel empathetic then they will sound insincere. It instructs employees to actually feel empathy, not just act like they feel it, and employ the three Fs: Feel, Felt, and Found.

For example:

Customer: I want an iPad, but I need a mouse, I can’t deal with all this touching.

Genius: I may know how you feel. I’m a mouse fan and felt as if I’d never get used to it, but I found it becomes very easy with a little practice.

Human Beings 101

Genius Training Student Workbook  also teaches body languages and emotions portrayed through nonverbal gestures that are broken into a Positive and Negative column.

For example:

Frustration shows:

  • Short breaths
  • “Tsk!”
  • Tightly clenched hands
  • Wringing hands
  • Fist-like gestures
  • Pointing index finger
  • Palm to back of neck
  • Kicking at ground or an imaginary object

Things You're Not Allowed To Say

Another page of the workbook talks about getting to Yes by avoiding negativity. It tells how to properly correct a mistaken or confused costumer and shows some words that you are not allowed to say as a Genius.

Looking at the published leaked portions of the Apple’s Genius Training Student Workbook, you can tell in detail how Apple’s employees are trained and taught how to walk, talk and emote like a Genius. It also shows that Apple do concentrate in the business of selling their products. No wonder the tech giant, is among the top technology companies in the world, as they have posted a quarterly revenue of about $35 billion and quarterly net profit amount of $8.8 billion for its fiscal 2012 third quarter.

Seems like Gizmodo learned a lot from the Apple’s secret Genius Training Manual, as they have read it from cover to cover. If ever you found a way on how to download Apple Genius Training Student Workbook then pretty much you will learn how to sell like a Genius.

While many are looking ways to download Apple Genius Student Workbook seems that they’re out of luck as the real copy is only available to Apple’s Genius squad.