Apple iPhone 5 Features and Functions To Enjoy

Learn Apple iPhone 5 features and functions that you will enjoy. Here are our top features and functions for Apple iPhone 5.

This daring slender smart phone is one product to look out for in the market. As soon as it debuted within the first weekend, it sold at least 5 million units. The Apple iPhone 5 exchanged massive blows with major players in the smart phone arena with popular names and their flagship products like Samsung’s Galaxy S3 carrying Android and Nokia’s Lumia 920 with Windows Mobile; that were setting their own waves in the market. During those periods as well, the iPhone 5’s older brother was already taking a beating from these manufacturers too.

So, what made it such a good buy that apple fan boys and girls together with new members of the apple crowd and haters looked into it?

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Apple iPhone 5 Features

4-Inch Retina Display

Above all, the impressive and slick Aluminum finish and the noticeably larger 4-inch Retina Screen-endowed display is a revamp in its own aspect. Surprisingly, width of the product did not change so it still snugly fits into one hand as the iPhone 4s used to. The scratch proof glass back of the iPhone 4s was replaced with the Aluminun finish. Added to the fact that the camera is already 8 MP with panoramic options now came with simultaneous HD video and image recording. The front camera could also be used to take 720p HD apart from taking self-portraits.

Extended Battery Life

It now also boasts of the Battery life that seemed to have improved, dropping the expectation of jeopardizing battery life because of its slimmer physique. Standby time was 200 hours then but now went up to 225 hours but drastically decreasing talk-time to 8 hours both on 2g and 3g connectivity. Music playback did not change lasting with a solid 8 hours, so for music lovers, it’s not much of a serious matter. It also boasts of 10 hours Video Playback time.

All new EarPods

There is a new re-imagined headphone that also guarantees better sound quality called the Apple Earpod that goes well with this iPhone. It has 3 microphones; one on the front, back and on the bottom. It promises beamforming to give off clearer audio with noise cancelling technology also coming in the picture.

A6 Chip for Faster Performance

Applications would now launch faster thanks to the A6 chip which doubled the speed of its predecessor; the A5 chip. The new hardware is also designed to work hand in hand with the updated iOS 6. Altogether, these additions topped up with remarkable battery usage gives off higher frame rates and smoother realistic graphics.

Siri New Features

Siri was also a mainstay in the features plus the iOS-6 update that made it a bit elusive. There was also an undoubtedly clearer sound in calls due to the fact it was endowed with active noise cancellation with a dedicated secondary microphone. Apple also claims that Siri understands users better because it has become more fluent in more languages. They also claim users can tell Siri to make Facebook and Twitter posts.

iCloud Your Content On All Your iOS Devices

iCloud is also built right into this latest iPhone, providing instant access, letting people do more with cloud based services like storing, sharing photos as well as locating, locking and recovering the phone with Find My iPhone. Users are also said to be able to browse a page from another device and pick up where they last left using iCloud Tabs.

The New Maps App Designed by Apple

An addition to the already seemingly endless collection of apps for iOS devices is the Maps App. It may have caused uproars in the public though it just came up in this version. It is still a long way compared to Google Maps which used to be the app for GPS activities but still it does have incredibly sharp and responsive, vector based elements within which Apple promises to improve.

All New Lightning Connector

Noticeable hardware changes also include the so called smaller Lightning connector. It replaced the 30-pin connector. This is said to have “all-digital, eight-signal” that is a lot durable than the previous connector. One thing users would truly appreciate is the fact that it is reversible; no wrong way to connect it to your device.

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In conclusion, Apple iPhone 5 is an amazing smartphone with tons of cool features and features. Its slim design still makes a room for larger display and better performing chip, and now has an extended battery life. It seems like mobile are becoming more powerful as years gone by. For now have fun and enjoy these Apple iPhone 5 features and functions.