30 Best Android Games for PC Free Download


  • Don’t have an Android phone at house? Don’t worry. You can today get the best Android games for PC no-cost download.
  • I’ve detailed 30 various games from different genres.
  • Take some time to read and get through each game and choose those you want to play.
  • Please understand that these games might not work on some PC’s due to system compatibility problems.
  • Hope you enjoy playing these awesome Android games on your PC.

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No Android Mobile? No Worries! Today Enjoy Android Games on PC!

If you ever want to play those Android games but do not have your own Android phone or tablet with you, then this article is for you.

Many of us might enjoy playing their games on PC instead on their own Android device. It is very enjoyable to play a game with a huge screen compared to those screens on phone.

Some of you might not have an Android phone or tablet and simply have their own desktop computer or laptop at house. Do not worry as you still can explore and play Android games. This article gives you an opportunity to do that.

Let’s not waste time, and just see below for some of the best android games which you can install and enjoy on your PC. The list below is in no particular order, just select and download the game that you want.


Best Android Games for PC Free Download

I’ve added some descriptions about the game so you’ll have a hint on what Android game you want to install on your PC.


Guns’n’Glory Heroes

Sharpen the axe, polish your armor and prepared your guns! It’s time to battle for glory, honor and gold when much more! Guns’n’Glory is right back!



Clash of the Damned

Casual multiplayer RPG that involves a story of two rival races fighting each various other to demise! Two old kingdoms are going through difficult times of war, poverty and doubt. Travel around and fight for kingdom and justice!



Jetpack Joyride

You’re going for a trip – from the creators of FRUIT NINJA!



Epic Battle Dude

Being a king and living in a huge castle may be all enjoyable and fun until monsters invade your house, knock you out and kidnap your queen! This means war! Time to dust down chainmail, sword and shield and show those pesky monsters what you are made of!



Shoot the Apple 2

Shoot the Apple 2 is back with more difficult worlds available which includes brand new game play and a better graphics!



Drag Racing

The game offers more than 50 very cool automobiles like the iconic Skyline GT-R, classic 69′ brand, Mustang brand new BMW M3 and more.


This might be an extremely addictive racing game.



Tower Defense

Take command of towers and defend against incoming enemies.



SuperDynamite Fishing

Go fishing by utilizing dynamites. Get all the dangerous tools and get prepared for some craziest fishing activities of your life.



Drag Racing Bike Edition

Bike Drag Racing game that has more than 17 awesome bikes to select from.



Farm Invasion

Protect your fields by killing the aliens.



Bunny Shooter

Bunnies have taken away your prize-award carrots and have ruined your plantations. Therefore, get your tool and get prepared to battle these pink animals. Bunny Shooter has some remarkable real-time puzzles and comprehensive graphics.



Guns n’Glory WW2

Guns n’Glory WW2  is a successor of award-winning and popular game Guns n’Glory. The game will be set up in a World War II situation where you’ll need  to crush the enemies with all the firepower you have.



Slice It

Test your slicing skills!



Defender II

In this game, you’ll have to protect your castle from a trend of monsters that are attempting to destroy and attack your base.




The pig world is in danger! Follow the four heroes of ham through the fires of hell and use bacon, brawn and brains to end the Aporkalypse!



Clouds and Sheep

Clouds and Sheep is a game where you have actually to care for lovable and cute sheep. You can play, feed and also assist them produce offsprings.



Fruit Slice

This game is comparable to Fruit Ninja, but has a much better score than it. You’ll have to slice the fresh fruits as and when they pop up on the display screen..



Fishing Diary

You’ll have to make use of various weapons and techniques to get different sorts of fishes appropriately. When you have actually caught them, you can keep the record of your day-to-day fishing in a dairy.



Townsmen 6

At very first, you will have to build farms, buildings, and much more these types of structures. From there, you can then get harvest, water and do more of these things to expand your city.



Oven Break

This game has a very cool hero called Gingerbread Man. A witch is attempting to bake him up. All you have to do is to help him escape.



Dinosaur War

Well, in this game, the dark forces have taken over the world and today humans will have to unite with dinosaur to banish the evil of the world.



Mini Game Paradise

Mini Game Paradise has a total of 10 enjoyable games that you will surely love.



Impossible Quest

If you like taking tough challenges, the Impossible Quest is the game for you.



Traffic Control

Guide cars to the right lane!



Beer Shooter

You’ll have a high-pressure weapon filled with beer. All you have to do is to use that weapon to fill the mouths with Beer.



Talking Tom Cat

Anybody would fall in love with Talking Tom Cat the really very first time they speak to him. Try to out but you need to have a mic on your PC. Laptops do have their own built-in-mic with them. Talking Tom Cat will duplicate exactly whatever you say with its funny voice.



Kids Animals Lite

This game is totally for children. If you have little children in your home, then try this out and let them play with you. The game has different pets to choose from and play with.



Miracle City

Miracle City is a fantastic town building game. By growing plants, building homes, and mining, you gain money and energy to develop your town. Decorations will please your residents and therefore to make them work harder and much more efficiently. Join us today in the Miracle City, and make your town the most fanciful one.




In this game, you’ll have to navigate a paper airplane to its correct location.



Fruit Ninja

The BEST FRUIT game on the planet, and now free to install on your PC!





Hope you enjoy playing all these Android games on your PC. Remember they are free!


Important: Some of the games right here might not work because of system compatibility problems. Its best to get them installed on a newer desktop computer or laptop.

So, what do you think about our “Best Android games for PC free”? Did you find games that you like?


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