BeTwin – Turn a single PC into 5 PCs

BeTwin – Turn a single PC into 5 PCs

This recent years, there has been a continuous development in computer technology, as the computer performance started showing excess, especially in the CPU, where dual core or quad core computers has become a standard, very few people can actually take full advantage of the computer’s performance. There is no doubt, that the cores power to perform are wasted.
So how can you take advantage of your computer performance?

You can try using BeTwin / Buddy where it allows to turn a single PC into 5 PCs. BeTwin allows 21 remote connection to a PC and is also compatible with remote desktop connection for Linux.

Where to Download BeTwin Buddy? :

Currently the virtual machine softwares such as VmWare Player, VmWare Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox, Connectix Virtual PC, etc. can take advantage of using your computer performance, however BeTwin Buddy is easier to use.

BeTwin makes a PC running Windows to create multiple virtual terminal environment, where users simply add the monitor, video card, keyboard, mouse, and a host. BeTwin allows a single PC to add up to four end users.

Steps in using BeTwin – Turn a single PC into 5 PCs:

In this example we would only be turning a single PC into two PCs.

How to use BeTwin?

Step 1. Prepare your computer for BeTwin, by having two sets of monitors, mouse, and keyboard connected to the host, then set in the BIOS the graphics card, so that the computer system will recognize the two graphic cards.

Step 2. After preparing the machine, create a new account, for the new user.

Step 3. If everything is ready, install BeTwin.