Blackbuntu – Penetration Testing Distribution

Blackbuntu – Penetration Testing Distribution

Same as BackTrack, Blackbuntu another Linux Penetration Testing Distribution  which is designed for training students or people interested in security, penetration testing and information security. BlackBuntu is heavily loaded with security and penetration testing tools about: Information Gathering, Network Mapping, Vulnerability Identification, Penetration, Privilege Escalation, Maintaining Access, Radio Network Analysis, VoIP Analysis, Digital Forensic, Reverse Engineering and more.

What is Blackbuntu?

Blackbuntu - Penetration Testing Distribution

Blackbuntu - Penetration Testing Linux Distribution

Blackbuntu is a penetration testing Linux distribution which is specially designed for training security students and practitioners of information security. It is currently built on Ubuntu 10.10 with the Gnome desktop environment. Blackbuntu will also include the KDE desktop in the final release of Blackbuntu Community Edition 0.3. It is not included in 0.1, 0.2 or the current 0.3 betas.

Where to Download Blackbuntu? :

You can download Blackbuntu ISO files in here.

Difference of Blackbuntu and BackTrack? Backtrack vs Blackbuntu?

Both of them are penetration testing Linux distribution and are Debain/Ubuntu based, so it all a matter of taste and applications.

Blackbuntu System Requirements?

Blackbuntu features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 10.10, Linux 2.6.39 and Gnome 2.32.0

System requirements:

1GHz x86 processor
768 MB of system memory (RAM)
10 GB of disk space for installation
Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
DVD-ROM drive or USB port

Where to Contact Blackbuntu Team?

Official Blackbuntu IRC
Join Blackbuntu team on their IRC for faster support, engaging discussions and an all around good time.
Note: Blackbuntu Official IRC channel is fully moderated.

Contact Blackbuntu Team:
Blackbuntu team welcome any and all security experts who wish to join them and who would like to share their knowledge, skills and ideas that would help to improve and expand the Blackbuntu Project. This will greatly enhance the current state of Blackbuntu community and distribution as well as benefit the future of this project.
If you have any inquiries, please send Blackbuntu team an email to support {at}

Where is Blackbuntu Official Site?

Blackbuntu Official Site is here.