Blizzard Hacked!

Blizzard got hacked! In a recent important security updated posted by Blizzard in their site, they stated that they got hacked. So if you are reading this change your password immediately, as your account may potentially be compromised.

Blizzard posted an important security update, which says that their security team has found an unauthorized and illegal access into their internal network. Blizzard quickly took steps to close off the access and began working with law enforcement and security experts to investigate what had just happened.


Bizzard Entertainment is a video game developer company and publisher, known for numerous PC games such as Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, and the ever popular Diablo 3 game.

Blizzard Hacked

Data that were (potentially)  illegally accessed includes:

  • List of e-mail addresses for global users
  • Answers to the personal security questions
  • Information relating to mobile and dial-in authenticators
  • Cryptographically scrambled passwords

Financial information such as credit cards, billing address, or real names (No evidence found so far though Blizzard states that nothing suggests that these pieces of information have been accessed.)

As a precaution, Blizzard recommends that players on North American servers do change their password. Moreover, if player have used the same or similar password for other purposes, then it the players are advised to change those passwords as well.

In these coming days, Blizzard will be prompting players on North American servers to change their secret questions as well as their secret answers, through an automated process. Additionally, Blizzard will prompt mobile authenticator users to update their authenticator software applications.

Players are also warned for some phishing email attempts asking for password or login information, as Blizzard Entertainment emails will never ask for your password.

While the hacking incident happened, Blizzard did apologize and said that they are truly sorry for the incident.