Boost Your Google Searching Skills Free Online Course

Boost your Google searching skills with this free short online course. Power Searching with Google is a free online short course in being a great internet searcher.

The best and the fastest way to get information today is through the internet, and with 66.8% of U.S. search engine market share (as of July 2012 – see Official numbers released by comScore) Google is the perfect site for finding stuffs online.

Power Searching with Google

Power Searching with Google - Free Online Course by Google

While Google Search makes it easy to find information, they had offered a free online class, a community-based course that showcases search techniques and ways to use them to solve real everyday problems you encounter. This search education class teaches some of the advanced powerful tools which Google provides to help you find the right information.

Here is a free online course on power searching by Google to help you become more faster in finding whatever you need online.

Google Power Searching Course is composed of six classes:

  • How Google works
  • Extending what you know
  • Advanced techniques
  • Finding facts faster
  • Checking your facts
  • Putting it all together

Each of the online class consists of five lessons, and within each lesson there is an available short video that is followed by a hands-on activity where you will be tested on the searching techniques and lessons you’ve just finished. Activities are not required, but it is a good opportunity to apply what you have learned in each of the lessons. Search tips are also added at the top of each activity page to help you answering it.

The free online class videos are presented by Dr. Dan Russell, a research scientist at Google. Text versions are also available in case you prefer to learn through reading.  The course demonstrates how to use Google at its full advantage.

Here is a video introduction about the Google Power Searching Course.

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Click here to access the Google Power Searching course.