Cheap Windows 8 Notebooks for under $300

Cheap Windows 8 Notebooks/Laptops for under $300

Looking for cheap but high quality Windows 8 notebooks for under $300? Here is a gift guide this 2012 listing three decent Windows 8 notebook you can get under $300.

December Christmas holiday season is coming, and one of the most wanted gifts for techies as well as students is a brand new notebook. Since Windows 8 was just recently released, we searched for Windows 8 notebooks that are priced under $300, and provide high quality performance.

Below are three Windows 8 notebooks where you can get real value without being too expensive.


Cheap Windows 8 Notebooks under $300

15.6 Inch Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron

This 15.6 inch Dell Inspiron features a 1.7GHz Intel Celeron processor, and includes 2GB RAM (upgradable to 8GB), Intel HD graphics, and 320GB hard drive. While this won’t top benchmarking reports, still it is pretty decent Windows 8 computer for $250.

15.6 Inch Toshiba Satellite

Toshiba Satellite

This 15.6 inch Toshiba Satellite features a 1.3GHz AMD E-series processor, 2GB RAM (upgradable to 16GB), 320GB hard drive, AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics, and 1366 x 768 resolution display. It’s a very decent machine for $280.

15.6 Inch Lenovo IdeaPad

Lenovo IdeaPad

This 15.6 inch Lenovo IdeaPad is armed with 1.4GHz AMD E-series processor, 320GB hard drive, 4GB RAM (upgradable to 8GB), AMD Radeon HD 7310 graphics, and 1366 x 768 display.  This machine comes with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit but it is upgradable to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99. This notebook cost $300, and upgrading it with Windows 8 Pro will add another $15.

Any one of these laptops will make a very solid Windows 8 notebook. Hope this article helped you find an inexpensive Windows 8 laptop or notebook for you.


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