Check Out The World’s Smartest Motorcycle Helmet

This is probably the coolest motorcycle helmet you will ever see! A badass helmet that marks the beginning of a motorcycle tech revolution.

A motorcycle helmet equipped with transparent heads-up display, ultra wide rearview camera and GPS navigation system, SKULLY AR-1 is a groundbreaking invention this 2014. This cutting-edge technology is made by SKULLY. This Android-powered smart helmet already raised more than $1,300,000 USD as it surpassed its crowd-funding goal of $250,000 USD in Indiegogo.

See its video below (at the end of the article).

skully ar-1

SKULLY AR-1 heads-up-display shows a rear view camera feed with almost 180 degree viewing angle. This means that it removes your blind spots. It is also highly weather resistant, as its electronic parts are sealed and protected with special coatings and injection molded casings.

skully ar-1 tech specs

The helmet weighs 1792 grams (3.95lbs) in size XXL. Available sizes are S to XXL. SKULLY will also release and open SDK (software development kit) that will allow programmers to create new apps that will work on SKULLY AR-1. It already has voice control, phone and music link on it.

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