Chinese Students Caught Using Spy Gadgets To Cheat Exam

High Stakes Exam Led Chinese Students To Use High Tech Gadgets For Cheating

Wanting to pass the notoriously difficult “Gaokao”, some Chinese students were caught using James Bond style gadgets (spy gadgets) to cheat their way in making through the tough exam.

The “Gaokao” or the National College Entrance Examination is an exam in China that is a prerequisite to enter almost all higher education institutions for the undergraduate level. The student’s score on this exam is what matters in determining whether they can go to college, and what schools they can enter.

This exam is actually a make-or-break test that will determine the path of one’s student life. It is a test that will decide the rest of their lives.

The police and the local media released photos of cheating devices that were confiscated by police around the testing area when the exam took place this early June 2014.

Below are some of the high-tech cheating devices that were found from the cheating students.

chinese students spy gadgets cheating 1

These wireless hidden earpiece were around 40 people which used to cheat on the exam.

chinese students spy gadgets cheating 2

This photo shows a set of devices that around 40 people concealed inside their clothes. It includes a wireless hidden earpiece, copper antenna to beam images, batteries to power the system, and a cheap mobile connected to the earpiece to get answers back.

chinese students spy gadgets cheating 3

Students use button-hole cameras hidden in their pens to take pictures of the test papers and exam questions and sent to their associate outside the hall using an antenna.

chinese students spy gadgets cheating 4

There is also a cheating student that was caught wearing a pair of glasses with a hidden camera and a tiny receiver attached to a coin. The camera would be used to send black and white photos of the exam to an outside location. The answer would then be send back to the cheating student.

chinese students spy gadgets cheating 5

This is a watch that has a hidden camera that is used to send photos. Same with the vest, the answers are transmitted back.

chinese students spy gadgets cheating 6

There is also an old school trick that uses the classic ultraviolet pen coupled with black light for cheating.

gaokao police guards

The test is very important in the life of a Chinese student. This is considered one of the biggest events in their life. So true that testing locations have police guarding the area, and any people that cause noise during the exam days can be penalized.