CNET 10 Most Successful Products in 2011

CNET 10 Most Successful Products in 2011

With this coming year-end inventory, we have list 10 most successful products in 2011 according to CNET year-end inventory. The products are the most important in 2011 and provided huge change in people’s lives. These most successful high-tech products gave significant impact in year 2011, in the industry, in your life, and in the world.

Here are the CNET 10 Most Successful Products in 2011

iPhone 4S

Although with the endless rumors of the iPhone 5, Apple industry release of iPhone 4S continued to extend the power of iPhones. iPhone 4S is very much liked by people because of the A5 processor and it’s powerful camera as it is now being advertised in commercials, and Siri voice assistant, where it is leading in trend.

Motorola Droid Razr

Motorola Droid RAZR brought back the brilliant achievements of the old Motorola Razr, it surfaced with a new design with straight shape, razor thin, Kevlar fibers and the Android operating system.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Many mobile phone manufacturers supports the Android O.S., although some shortcomings are critized like the version is complex and U.I. is not beautiful, with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich comes, everything will be different! Google, the super company behind the Android O.S. hopes that through “ice cream sandwich” the smart phones and tablet PC version will be uniform, as same version can be used on any screen size. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will have many features like face recognizion to unlock.

iPad 2

Although iPad 2 is being criticized as the its upgrade from the first generation of iPad is not that great, and just fixed some obvious flaws, still no one can’t deny that iPad 2 is thinner, faster, and has two cameras which has become the standard tablet. Recent statistics shows that the iPad 2 tablet PC market achieved 80% market share in 2011, which obviously put its competitors into shame. While Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been catching up, iPad 3 is also about to release.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire aka “iPad Killer” Android Tablet came and went and had ultimately achieved great share in 2011 tablet market. This shocking $199 ultra-low cost with a huge wealth in its feature is now branded as “iPad Killer”. Thanks to the wealth of music, video and book resources, Amazon Kindle Fire was born. Amazon’s strategy seems to be very effective and provied a new way of thinking for the flat panel industry.

Amazon Kindle Books


Yes, this is another hot product from Amazon. While Amazon Kindle Fire gave a huge list of opportunities, we cannot deny the fact the Amazon Kindle is one trending product of 2011. Amazon Kindle was priced for only $79 plus with the highly targeted advertising strategy by Amazon, it can out a big success!

MacBook Air

In comparison with the previous generation, the Apple’s MacBook Air has been greatly improved. Apple put more USB ports, SD card slot, and more powerful processors in MacBook Air. MacBook Air is the ultra-portable powerful notebook computer. MacBook air can do a lot of tablet PC’s can’t do.

Roku LT set-top boxes


With Roku LT streaming video boxes, you can access Netflix, Hulu and other video sites resources. This product will change the way you watch TV.

Nest Smart Thermostat


This automatic thermostat, was sold out quickly! With its sleek design and beautiful looks this hot product has motion sensor and artificial intelligence which can sense whether a room improve its efficiency.

Voice Control: Siri and Kinect


We can never deny that voice recognizion and control is 2011 mainstream of the year. The Apple’s iPhone 4S built Siri voice assistant has become a focus of media attention, and Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming platform Kinect somatosensory system together with voice control feature made their products shined. Although Siri has some flaws, this popular voice control application speech technology is pushing toward the forefront of technology.

This sums up CNET 10 most successful products in 2011. 2012 is about to start and 2011 technology had a huge blast, introducing this colorful, hi-tech excellent products! Our technology has been extending out and growing more, as more creative minds are showing up, we can’t wait what new technology will show up in 2012, and what products will be called the most successful products in 2012.

Hope you have enjoyed reading CNET 10 most successful products in 2011.