Customize your Android Home Screen with Custom Launchers and UCCW

Customize your Android Home Screen with Custom Launchers and UCCW

In this guide, you will be learning about using custom launchers and UCCW or the ultimate custom widget in customizing your Android phone or tablet. If you want to change the theme, skin, or the look and feel of your Android device home screen then UCCW and custom launchers is the way to go.

UCCW, the ultimate custom widget offers designing your home screen in a way that you are only limited by your imagination. Basically, it’s a master widget, which is just a blank canvas and you will be the one deciding how will it appears, or you could just use some of its themes called uzips.




customize android home screen custom launchers uccw


  • Android device (works for both root and non-rooted Android phones or tablets)
  • Custom Launchers apps (as seen from below)
  • Stock Icons for UCCW (Search in the Google Play Store using the phrase “icon pack”)
  • Android Backgrounds (optional)
  • Pre-made customized uzip themes (optional)
  • Ulitimate Custom Widget App (UCCW)

Let’s Get Started using UCCW

To get things started, you will be going to install a custom launcher. We recommend using the Apex Launcher or the Nova Launcher which are free, or if you are looking for paid then you can use Apex Launcher Pro or the Nova Launcher Prime. Keep in mind that most of the hardcore users of UCCW tend to go with the Apex Launcher.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use one you can find many prebuild custom uzips that are designed for a custom grid size and margins for your Android device home screen, which allows widgets to be properly placed.

Pro Tip: If you have your own custom launcher, then backup your settings and home screens. So you can revert to it in case you wanted to.

Now, if you want ultimate customization, want some custom icons, or find your UCCW creation uses boring stock icons then try searching the Google Play store for custom icons. Use the phrase “icon packs” when searching and find an icon set that matches whatever you will be doing for your screen. You custom launcher will allow you to change any icon on your home screen.

Next is finding the right wallpaper. While some pre-made  custom uzip themes tend to have good wallpapers or even stock wallpapers will do, you might want to browse and do a quick search on Google for Android wallpapers. You can also try browsing DeviantArt for some Android Wallpapers.

Finally, use the UCCW app which is free on Google Play. Use the download link above. Save skin and export skins using the app.

Custom launchers + custom icon packs + custom background + UCCW = Ultimate customized Android Home Screen

Final Thoughts

We suggest that you first look for pre-made custom themes for some inspiration. There are many great uzip themes out there that were already done by hardcore theme makers. Also UCCW has many options and settings, so it’s generally a good thing to have an idea what other people are doing with it before start jumping in.

If you are looking for some great ideas for your custom theme then we recommend reading and browsing for uzip themes and skins in the Google Play Store or the UCCW application thread at XDA Developers forum.

Chances are that you will be finding what you liked and just customize it according to your preference. Also it would be easy to use pre-made uzip themes as you can just add the uzip to UCCW.