Demonoid Domains Up For Sale

Demonoid domains are now up for sale. Is this the end of the Demonoid era? After some stormy couple of weeks for Demonoid, still its loyal users are hoping that the site will return. However, todays chances of making it back are getting lesser as Demonoid domains are up for sale to the highest bidder, signaling a possible end for Demonoid era.

Demonoid is considered to be the world’s largest and most booming torrent site, but a DDoS and hacker attack plus a police raid had brought it to its knees. See Demonoid busted!

IFPI and Interpol together with Attorney General of Mexico and Ukranian police are behind the raid and closure of Demonoid.

A statement by IFPI’s anti-piracy director Jeremy Banks, states that “Demonoid was a leading global player in digital music piracy which has acted unfair competition to more than 500 licensed digital music services that offers great value music to consumer while respecting the rights of artists, songwriters and record companies”.

The three key Demonoid domains –, and – are now up for sale on Sedo, one of the largest domain and website marketplace. for sale

As of now and had already bids and offers for the domain name.

While being “up for sale” doesn’t mean it’s already “sold”, at this stage chances of Demonoid getting back is getting lesser and lesser.