Diablo 3 Development Hell – Diablo 3 Jay Wilson Achievement Guide

Diablo 3 Development Hell is a secret dungeon and an Easter egg in Diablo 3 game.  Here is a guide on how to find and enter the Diablo 3 Development Hell Dungeon.

Within Diablo 3 game, there’s a fun Easter egg where you can kill monsters and zombies with developer names and finish it off with Jay Wilson, a rare boss within the dungeon and named after the Diablo III game director. Upon killing Jay Wilson, you will get a special Feat of Strength Achievement called “Smash, Jay Smash!” and unlock a special banner sigil you can use for your player.

Smash! Jay, Smash! Diablo 3 Achievement

Smash! Jay, Smash! Diablo 3 Achivement

Diablo 3 Jay Wilson Achivement - Smash! Jay, Smash!

Diablo 3 Development Hell is available only through the Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulty. It is found randomly on the Forsaken Crypts at Act 1. Below is the Diablo 3 guide on how you can get this Diablo 3 Jay Wilson achievement.

Diablo 3 Development Hell Guide

Here are the steps on how to enter and find the secret hidden dungeon.

  • Finish and complete the game on Normal Difficulty to get access on higher difficulty modes.
  • Start a Diablo 3 game with Nightmare or higher difficulty.
  • Start and set the quest, “A Shattered Crown” in Act 1.
  • Go directly to the Forsaken Cemetery and look for the crypts.
  • Development Hell dungeon will randomly appear as a 4th available crypt.
  • If Development Hell doesn’t show up, just restart or reload the game and try again.

How to go to Diablo 3 Development Hell Video Tutorial

Find it hard to follow the steps above? Watch this video so you’ll be getting the idea on how to go to the Diablo 3 Development Hell secret dungeon.
[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/EQ8UhKLA80E?rel=0 560 315]

Development Hell Dungeon Screenshots

Diablo 3 Development Hell Anne Sophie Lefebvre

Anne Sophie Lefebvre, Diablo 3 Software Engineer (from Diablo 3 Development Hell)

Diablo 3 Development Hell Bobby Koh

Bobby Koh, Diablo 3 Associate User Experience Designer (from Diablo 3 Development Hell)

Diablo 3 Development Hell Peet Cooper

Peet Cooper, Diablo 3 Senior Artist (from Diablo 3 Development Hell)

Diablo 3 Development Hell Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson, Diablo 3 Game Director (from Diablo 3 Development Hell)

Have fun smashing and killing the monsters with the names of the game developers in Diablo 3. Well I think that Jay Wilson can drop a special legendary item as well. Just my guess they didn’t put that one for no reward right? 🙂 Hope you liked this guide on Diablo 3 Development Hell.