Diablo 3 Exploit: Diablo 3 Trade Hack Stacked Item Scam

Beware of Diablo 3 trade hack stacked item scam as it is fast, deadly, and effective. Here is a complete Diablo 3 game guide and counters on the Diablo 3 trade scam.

What is the Diablo 3 trade scam? It is a working stacked item trade scam where the scammer uses a trade script which quickly change their items so fast that you won’t be able to see it. What the Diablo 3 game scammer needs to do is run the script, then ask for trades, either in general chat or some Diablo 3 forums.




The Diablo 3 game trick best works for any items that can stack multiple amounts in 1 slot likes gems, infernal brimstones, potions, tomes, etc. During the trade session, the scammer presses a key to run the script and will automatically change the item. The script runs so fast that you cannot see it coming. You can just verify that you have been scammed if you check your inventory and didn’t receive the item you have bought.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages on your account using this Diablo 3 exploit. Use at your own risk. We are sharing this to let other Diablo 3 players know that this kind of trade scam exist.

diablo 3 trade scam

Steps to do the Diablo 3 trade scam:

1. Download the Diablo 3 trade scam program below.

[viral-lock]Diablo 3 trade scam[/viral-lock]

2. Set your Diablo 3 game in Windowed Mode with 800×600 resolution.

3. Run the program.

4. Put your item in the correct spot as shown in the pic below.

diablo 3 stacked item

5. Find your victim. Either by posting in general chat or forums.

6. During trade have them put their item in the trade window and do the same.

7. After victim presses accept, run the script by pressing = key.

Using the steps above the scammer can easily get items from the victim without loosing a thing. The method happens so fast that even pro player won’t be able to detect it.

Effective counters for the Diablo 3 trade scam:

Here are some counters and ways on how to beat the Diablo 3 trade scam.

Never deal with low level characters. Be suspicious of Diablo 3 players selling high end items like brimstones using a low level character. Chances are they are scammers.

Use a video recording software during trades. One solid proof of you being scammed is you have video recorded it. This is a very solid evidence you can use filing a report on you being scammed.

If you are buying in bulk, do not buy it all at once. If you are buying 100 pieces of brimstone from another player, make separate trades like doing 10 pieces each. State to the other player that this is your method of trade, and if you are currently dealing of a scammer, he would back off of the trade as he knows you are on-guard from scams.

Diablo 3 game attracted a huge number of players from different countries all over the world. Beware as some players are actually scammers wanting to earn some quick bucks in the process using Diablo 3 scams and exploits.

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