Diablo 3 Exploit: Diablo 3 Wizard Archon Zero Cooldown Exploit

Want to know how to do Diablo 3 Wizard Archon Zero Cooldown Exploit? Here is the Diablo 3 Infinite Archon Exploit that makes you run around as Archon forever for Wizards. Use this Diablo 3 Wizard Archon Zero Cooldown exploit and Archon your way to destruction. This exploits works best for Diablo 3 high damage wizards.

If you haven’t known there is an actual working Diablo 3 exploit for Wizards that allows them to be on Archon mode forever. While this may get patched sooner or later, it’s best for you to try this out now especially if you are using a high damage output Wizard.

Keep in mind that this kind of Diablo 3 exploit gets patch fast so if you are currently reading this better try this Diablo 3 Infinite Archon exploit out now.

Diablo 3 Wizard Archon Zero Cooldown Exploit Method

Diablo 3 Infinite Archon Exploit

Diablo 3 Infinite Archon Exploit in Action

Below is the step by step method on how to do the Diablo 3 Infinite Archon Exploit.

1. Login to Diablo 3, play the game and select your Wizard character.

2. Equip a Familiar and Magic Weapon with +Damage to Shortcut Key 1 and 2.

3. Equip Diamond Skin (preferably with Arcane Lower Cost rune) to Key 3.

4. Now start spamming Keys 1+2+3, until you completely run out of arcane power. This time your Diamond Skin should be active.

5. Now spam Archon Key 4 fast until you turn into Archon.

6. After Archon mode ends, you Archon skill cooldown should be zero.

7. Repeats steps 4 and 5.

The key in this exploit is the Diamond Skin and Zero Arcane Power. Other method includes using Diamond Skin and spamming other skills until Arcane Power goes below 25, and then quickly using Archon. After doing it continue by repeating the same process again and again for Diablo 3 Infinite Archon exploit.

If you have a Wizard character then better try this Diablo 3 Wizard Archon Zero Cooldown Exploit fast, as there’s a big chance that Blizzard is already working to fix this.

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