Diablo 3 Exploit: Garrach the Affilicted Exploit in Patch 1.0.4

Here is a currently working Diablo 3 exploit for patch 1.0.4. This exploit involves killing endlessly Garrach the Afflicted unique mob. Garrach the Affilicted is a unique mob in Diablo 3 game who gives tons of good drops especially if you have five nephalem valor stacks.

This Garrach the Afflicted Exploit works with the latest patch 1.0.4 of Diablo 3 game which will let you find Garrach everytime and do a loop and kill him endlessly.

Diablo 3 guide: An easy way of finding Garrach the Afflicted everytime is to look for certain area with a row of furnaces and a Resplendent chest in Halls of Agony Level 3. When you see these things, then you are close to the spawn point of Garrach.

Garrach the Afflicted Diablo 3 exploit

Diablo 3 Garrach the Affilicted Exploit Steps:

Below are the steps and directions on how to do the working exploit in Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4.

1. It the best to change your skills so you will have damage over time based skills, or have pets that do manage. Using a monk with Sweeping Wind, an ally, and a companion will do the trick. Garrach has a low health pool so keep it easy. We want to kill Garrach slowly and steadily.

2. Go to Act 1, Halls of Agony Level 3, and look for Garrach the Afflicted.

3. Open the Resplendent Chest and immediately use the Town Portal skill.

4. Stay in town for about 3 seconds.

5. Teleport back using the portal.  You will then see Garrach the Afflicted, and beside him is the iron maiden which is still intact.

6. Start your damage over time skills slowly and calculate the right time to use the Town Portal skill, so you are back at the town as he is dying. In short, 3 seconds before Garrach dies, you need to start the Town Portal skill.

7. Wait 3 seconds, and then teleport back using the portal back to Garrach. If you did this correctly, you will see a completely new and fresh Garrach the Afflicted with the loots on the ground.

This Diablo 3 exploit works best if you have your Magic Find Gear equipped, and have 5 stacks on nephalem valor. Fight is just easy and you can stack up your Magic Find. Hope this Diablo 3 Garrach the Afflicted exploit helped you in your Diablo 3 game.

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