Diablo 3 Exploit: God Mode in Diablo 3 – How to Become Invincible in Diablo 3 Revealed

A Diablo 3 game player just recently discovered a way on “how to become invincible in Diablo 3”. This makes your character in God mode! God mode in Diablo 3 makes your character invincible that monsters, bosses, and even champion elites won’t be able to damage you.

Note that this won’t trick won’t get last. It will be updated anytime soon. So better exploit it while its working.

This Diablo 3 God mode trick only works for Wizard class.

diablo 3 god mode

Method on how to become invincible in Diablo 3:

Just follow the steps below to execute the Diablo 3 God Mode.



Step 1: Select TeleportFracture as a skill, and bind it to a key.

Step 2: Select Archon as a skill (Working, tested with Improved Archon skill)

Step 3: Hover your mouse over or near your character.

Step 4: Press Teleport.

Step 5: Then quickly press Archon!



This Diablo 3 exploit would literally make your character invincible!

Having trouble with the steps above? Watch this video on Diablo 3 God Mode video.

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/nA_SO9TSOf8?rel=0 560 315]

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For now enjoy this Diablo 3 God mode exploit on how to be invincible in Diablo 3 while it lasts!


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