Diablo 3 Exploit: RMAH Bid Cheat – Buy Out Items with Bid Instead of Buyout

Here are some of the information gathered on how to use Diablo 3 exploit RMAH Bid Cheat to buy out items and equips with bid instead of buyout. In Diablo 3 game, RMAH is also known as Real Money Auction House, where you can buy excellent equipments for your Diablo 3 character. Note that there are more perfect equips in the RMAH than in the normal gold auction house, as Diablo 3 players can turn their godly equip into real cash using the Real Money Auction House.

diablo 3 rmah

Important: This information is only for educational purpose only. We are not responsible for any illegal activities that may come out of this. Note that cheating in game may result to an account ban.

Diablo 3 Game Exploit Tools Required:

  • Hex Editor (recommended to use Hex Fiend if you are using Mac)

Steps on using Diablo 3 Exploit RMAH Bid Cheat

Note that the steps in here are only an educated guess on how Diablo 3 hackers perform the Diablo 3 RMAH bid cheat. We will not spoon feed you on how to use some of the tool involved in this. We will just quickly brief you on how the process is done.

  1. Look for an item using the RMAH.
  2. Dump the memory. (memory editor can also be used)
  3. Scan for the item memory address (E.g. 0x1b450c60)
  4. Find the “real” reference for the item.
  5. Find the hex values for the bid confirmation and buyout confirmation.
  6. Switch the bid confirmation with the buyout confirmation.
  7. Find the hex values for the bid button and buyout button.
  8. Switch the bid button with the buyout button.
  9. Click the bid button.
  10. Tada!

Effective Possible Counters on this Diablo 3 cheat:

When putting up items in the Diablo 3 RMAH do not put items up with low bid, rather make your low bid just near the price you wanted to sell it.