Diablo 3 Fast Power Leveling Guide – Get to Level 60 fast in Diablo 3

Want to know how to do fast power leveling in Diablo 3? Learn some power leveling tips and tricks with this Diablo 3 fast power leveling guide and get from level 1 to level 60 fast in Diablo 3. Diablo 3 current max and highest level in only level 60, at this stage having a level 60 character means that you’ve unlocked either hell or inferno. Many Diablo 3 players want to max their levels fast, as they want to try other class. This Diablo 3 guide will help you get to level 60 fast.

diablo 3 guide

Steps on How to Power Level Fast in Diablo 3 (Get to level 60 fast in Diablo 3)

1. Go to Act 3, and select quest, the Siege of Bastion’s Keep (Light the beacons.)

2. Proceed with the quest, and from there you will see a guard yelling about lighting the beacons. Follow the guard until he stops running and REMEMBER that location.

Note: A group of 11 small creeps will come running down the stair as this happens. In just a few seconds a giant bomb will drop to the position where the guard stops. The bomb will instant kill all the smaller creeps giving all the experience.

3. Use the explosion, just kite the creeps to the location of the explosion to enjoy your free experience points. As the explosion kills all the creeps, you can instantly gain experience points.

4. After doing this, leave the game.

5. Resume the game, and start doing it again.

The power leveling step by step guide above, will boost your experience fast. Try it and see. Equipping experience bonus items will surely help you gain advantage with this Diablo 3 guide. Note that the process maybe boring but it guarantees sure way of gaining fast experience points. Change difficulty if you have reached level 25, and level 50. If you haven’t unlocked the Act or quest, just ask your friend to start that quest for you, and invite you in the game. Leave the game and just resume it, as soon as you’ve reached the target point. Have fun with this Diablo 3 fast power leveling guide. Hopefully you have learned how to get to level 60 fast in Diablo 3.