Diablo 3 Guide: Act 2 Tyrael Exploit – 2M Exp and 200K Gold Per Hour on Normal Mode

Here is a working Diablo 3 exploit on Act 2 with Tyrael quest that will gain you 2M experience and over 200K gold per hour in normal mode. Read this Diablo 3 guide and uncover the steps on how to do the Act 2 Tyrael exploit.

Basically this method almost utilize the same concept like the Zoltun Kulle exploit. What this Diablo 3 exploit does, is that it uses the “Talk to Tyrael at the Hidden Camp” quest that happens after you have killed Belial in the Imperial Palace and obtain the Soul of Belial. For the trick to work, you need to have two players or two Diablo 3 accounts. One is the host which will kill Belial, and one is the leecher which will gain experience and gold. Below are the steps on how to do this Diablo 3 exploit.

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Steps by Step Guide for the Act 2 Tyrael Exploit:

Player A = Host
Player B = Leecher

tyrael exploit

1. Open two Diablo 3 game. Read how to run multiple clients in Diablo 3 if you do not know how to do this or call a friend with another D3 account.

2. Player A create a game withAct 2 Quest 10.

unlimited belial turn-in

3. Player A kill Belial, obtain the soulstone, and teleport back to the town.

4. Plater B joins Player A game.

5. Player A quickly leaves the game, if the game says that Player B has entered the game.

6. Player B talks to Tyrael to complete the quest, earning experience and gold.

7. Player B leaves the game.

8. Player A resumes the game.

9. Repeat steps 4 to 8.

Doing this Diablo 3 exploit, you can possibly turn in the quest for just 10 seconds or so, giving you about 2M Exp and 200K Gold Per Hour on Normal Mode. Be aware that Normal mode gives more gold. This unlimited Belial turn-in trick doesn’t involved any battles except for the killing of Belial, so this exploit will be perfect for leveling your Hardcore character to level 60. You can also use this Diablo 3 exploit to gain gold without killing any monster and reparing your equips. Hope this Diablo 3 guide on Act 2 Tyrael Exploit giving you 2M Exp and 200K Gold Per Hour on Normal Mode helped you.

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