Diablo 3 Guide: Diablo 3 Item Collision Items – Use These Items To Block Mobs

Want to learn how to do an item collision or an item blocking exploit in Diablo 3? Read here and learn what are the items you can use for exploiting Diablo 3 in blocking mobs path. If you have been playing Diablo 3 game since it was released, you probably know that there are items you can use to block mobs in coming near you. The famous item in the past was the Boneweave Hauberk, but was fixed and patched. Continue to read on and know what are the current items used in blocking mobs. Using this item collision Diablo 3 exploit and Diablo 3 guide will make you kill even the best elite or champion pack in the game. Note that range classes benefits most on this exploit.

The exploit works by making the items a wall, blocking the mobs path and restricting them from going further. By using this Diablo 3 exploit, a range class like Demon Hunter, Wizard, or Witch Doctor (although some player uses their melee class like Barbarian and Monk, and turn them into range) can easily kill an elite or champion pack and grab some instant high level loots (Level 61, Level 62, Level 63).

diablo 3 item collision exploit

Diablo 3 Item Collision Exploit – Items you can use to block mobs

  1. Sledge of Athskeleng
  2. Pus Spitter
  3. Manticore

Note that these items are all legendary, and prices may go up and higher if the bug and exploit continues to work and won’t get fixed. You can easily find these items in the Diablo 3 Auction House, by typing their name in the legendary or set form.

How to Use The Diablo 3 Item Collision Exploit?

1. Blocking depends on the number of the items you have. If you only have 2 or 3 of these items, then you should find a narrow path. Else if you have a lot of these items then you can block a wider path.

2. Drop the items in the path.

3. Lure the mobs to go in the path. Works for elites and champions as well.

4. If you have properly placed the items, then the mobs, elites, or champion packs can’t go near you.

5. Proceed to attack, and kill the mobs.

6. Pick up loots.

Note that the difficulty of killing elites and champions depends on what skill or ability they have. During testing, we found out that teleporters are a bit hard, as you need to be positioned where they will lack line of sight. Also since mortars skill increased, (it can hit you in melee range as well as super long range) you have to dodge it.

Best Places to Use Diablo 3 Item Collision Exploit

The list below are some of the best places where you can use this Diablo 3 exploit.

  • Whimsyshire or Secret Pony Level
  • Act 3 Dungeons (ex. Fortified Bunker)
  • Keeps Depths Level 1, Kepps Depths Level 2