Diablo 3 Guide: Gold Find Cap Guide, Advices, Tips and Tricks

Having a huge gold find percentage stat will certainly boost your gold in Diablo 3. To help you with this, here is a gold find cap guide, and useful advices on how to make the best of your gear. This is the best gold find Diablo 3 guide you have to read to understand the maximum gold find stats you can have and the best follower if you are going for a complete gold find gear.

diablo 3 gold find guide

Below are the max gold find stats for items, equips, and weapons in Diablo 3 game.

Maximum Gold Find Percentage for Items and Equips:

Belt – 25% GF

Boots – 25% GF

Chest – 25% GF

Gloves – 25% GF

Shoulders – 25% GF

Amulet – 40% GF

Ring – 20% GF

Helm (no slot) – 25% GF

Helm (with slot) – 56% GF


Maximum Gold Find Percentage for Weapon and Off Hand Items:

Shields – 25% GF

Quivers – 20% GF

Offhand for Wizard and Witch Doctor – 20% GF

Wirt’s Original Leg (1-handed mace) – 10% GF

Ziggurat Tooth Ceremonial Knife (dagger) – 20% GF

In counting all the Gold Find items except weapon and offhand, character can reach 280% GF with up to 31% GF (from gem) for a total of 311% GF.



The best Gold Find follower you can have is the Templar.

Templar can equip 25% GF shield, 10% GF Writ’s Leg, 2 x 20% GF rings, and 40% GF amulet making him with up to 115% Gold Find stat.

All followers total Gold Find stat is divided by 5 (20%), thus the above GF stat will only add 23% to your character Gold Find percentage.



Demon Hunter with Writ’s Leg, Shield, and Ferrets skill with perfect Templar gets up to 379% Gold Find.

Witch Doctor with Ziggurat Tooth Ceremonial Knife and Shield with perfect Templar gets up to 379% Gold Find.


Nephalim valor stacks and Fortune shrine effects for Gold Find (Gold Find bonus):

5 Nephalim valor stacks give you 75% gold find bonus.

Forune Shrine gives 25% gold find bonus.

5 Nephalim valor stacks and fortune shrine blessing will give you 100% GF bonus.


Maximum Gold Find Percentage:

Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter can reach 479% Gold Find.

Barbarian, Monk, and Wizard can reach 469% Gold Find.


Useful advice, tips and suggestion:

In playing, I have found out that the best place in farming gold is the Core of Arreat with Nightmare Difficulty. You can go to Core of Arreat by taking the Act 3 – Heart of Sin quest, the quest where you will kill Azmodan.

I choose Nightmare Difficulty as the monster doesn’t even scratch or hurt my character, thus farming gold efficiently.

Suggested Pick-up radius for Core of Arreat is 35 to 40 radius. If you are farming in Sarkoth – Dank Cellar, then suggested Pick-up radius is 10, except for Demon Hunter which can use Ferrets skill to pick up gold. For casual gaming, I use 20 Pickup radius.

Movement speed is quite important for Gold find runs as you can move faster thus giving you more gold per hour. Cap for movement speed is 25%, and boots are capped to 12% movement speed. The item, Writ’s Original Leg maximum movement sped is 7%.

If you have budget find movements speed items with Gold find stats as you will be able to farm well and increase your gold per hour.

You may not agree with this but gold in Diablo 3 is the key to have a decent character. All of the characters max level are 60, thus in the end, only items and equipment matter. You can also sell your gold via the RMAH and profit with real cash.

Hope this Diablo 3 Gold Find Cap Guide, Advises, Tips and Tricks has been useful for you. Until then, cheers to your success in Diablo 3.

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