Diablo 3 Guide: Inferno Act 3 Resplendent Chest Farming Guide

Wanted to get rich quicker and get more gold in Diablo 3? Here you will learn about the Inferno Act 3 resplendent chest farming which could get you rich quicker by selling good loots. In playing Diablo 3 game, you need to earn gold which will help you buy godly equips which will make the game easier. In order to easily own mobs, elites, and champion packs you need equipments to boost your stats and damage. In reading this guide, you will know where in Act 3 you can easily find good loots. Note that it is recommended to play in Inferno as it is the mode where you can get the best drops.

Resplendent chest in Diablo 3 are rare chest where you can get either unique, rare, legendary, or set items with greater percentage. It is the most sought chest in Diablo 3, as the chest do give good loots where you can sell and get huge amount of gold. It is also better if you can equip Magic Find items before opening the chest, as it add and increase percentage in acquiring rare items in Diablo 3.

Inferno Act 3 Resplendent Chest Farming Guide

Where is the Resplendent Chest?

The Resplendent Chest can be found in Act 3 The Keeps Depths Level 1

How to get to the Resplendent Chest?

  • Take the waypoint to Keeps Depths Level 1
  • Move to the right of your starting location and look in your map
  • From the 3 random map layout, only 1 is correct (see screenshot of the right map below, with practice you will know if its the right map in just 5 – 10 seconds)
  • The resplendent chest will spawn to the room, right of the waypoint and has 50% spawn rate

act 3 keeps depths resplendent chest

act 3 keeps depths correct map

Facts and Information you should now about the Resplendent Chest

  • It is easier and faster if you are in a party of 4 people, as someone can sneak and open the chest
  • Map can be heavily guarded by mobs and elites
  • You can use Tyrael to dish out damage if your gear is in good

How to get Tyrael?

  • Start with the 2nd part of Siegebreaker Quest in Act 3
  • Take waypoint to Rakkis Crossing
  • Take waypoint back to the Keeps Depths Level 1