Diablo 3 Guide: Multi Clients – Running Multiple Clients in Diablo 3

Want to know how to run multiple clients in Diablo 3? Learn here on how to set up your Diablo 3 game client and run it with multi clients. In playing Diablo 3 game, you may have one, two, or several game accounts and there are times that you want to run multiple instances of Diablo 3 with them. While these accounts can be from your friends or family, or even yourself there will come a time that you want to run all these accounts in the same time. While this may not be a problem if you have many computers or laptops at home, but what if you only have a single computer or workstation? Here is a Diablo 3 guide on how to run multiple clients in Diablo 3 in the same computer.

In this Diablo 3 exploit, you will learn is being done by some Diablo 3 gold farmers and botters, making their game accounts accessible to them using the same computer. It can also be used to transfer gold and items between accounts using the same computer. Note that this method may require upgraded computers or video cards, depending on how many clients you wanted to run. 

diablo 3 multi client

How to Run Multiple Clients in Diablo 3?

  1. Update first your Diablo 3 game client by running it normally.
  2. Copy the “Diablo III” game folder located in the Program Files or the Program Files (x86) folder to another location.
  3. From the “Diablo III” game folder, right click “Diablo III.exe” and select “Create Shortcut“.
  4. Copy the shortcut, to a new location accessible to you. (ex. Desktop)
  5. Right click on the Shortcut icon, then click on “Properties“.
  6. From the “Target” form, add -launch at the end. It should look like this “C:/Program Files (x86)/Diablo III/Diablo III.exe” – launch
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6, on the other “Diablo III” game folder
  8. Open the 2 shortcuts, to run 2 Diablo 3 clients simultaneously.

During testing, it is advisable to change your Diablo 3 Video Options into “Windowed” mode, as you won’t need to ALT-TAB just to select the multiple clients that are opened. If you want to run more clients, just repeat the steps above. Note that the “Diablo III” game folder is about ~7GB, so it is advisable to have a large free space if you want to run more multiple clients.

This Diablo 3 guide on how to run multiple clients in Diablo 3 will help you alot especially if you want to transfer gold and items to another account using a single computer. Hope this guide in running multiple clients in Diablo 3 helps you in your Diablo 3 game.

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