Diablo 3 Guide: Unidentified Items Exploit

Diablo 3 Guide: Unidentified Items Exploit – Know the Item Without Identifying it.

Beware of buying unidentified items in Diablo 3. Here is a Diablo 3 guide regarding unidentified items exploit, showing what item it is without really “identifying” it. In playing Diablo 3, I have noticed that a lot of people now sale unidentified items having item level of 61, 62, and 63. Little as you know, some of these players some what already know what the items are. There is a actual Diablo 3 exploit that you can do to identify an unidentified item without “really” identifying it. By using this trick you can sell unidentified items that you do not want and keep the ones that you need. 

Diablo 3 Unidentified Items Exploit Guide

diablo 3 unidentified item exploit

Know how many properties an identified item has:

Here is a step by step guide on how to know the number of properties an identifeid item has.

1. Start a chat line, preferably in party. Do not chat in the public chat, as this will might expose you are doing it.
2. Link your item and follow that immediately by two special characters. (e.g. ëë)
3. Link the same item again.
4. Put the cursor in between the two ë’s.
5. Press the “delete” key three times.
6. Instead of deleting the whole item, it will expose the item code.

Item code are bunch of numbers that probably encrypted. At the very minimu you can find specific part of it just before the name and probably looks like this: 428:428:0:0:7:0

The 428 will be a random 3 digit number, but the number you are looking for is the 7. Subtract 2 from that number, and that’s the number of properties your unidentified item has. In this case, it has 5 properties.

Know what the unidentified item is:

Here is a step by step guide on how to identify items in Diablo 3 without really “identifying” it. You do not have to right click the item for you to see.

1. Follow the steps 1 to 5 from above.
2. Copy the item code. (Paste in notepad or any text editor, as you will going to use it later.)
3. Download this Diablo 3 Unidentified Item Predict Tool.
4. Open the tool and then copy/paste the item code.
5. The tool will generate the exact stats and properties of the unidentified item.

Video on how the Diablo 3 Unidentified Item Exploit is excuted:

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/YBcw161YL_8?rel=0 560 315]

For now be aware of buying unidentified items, as probably most of these sellers are doing this trick. Buying unidentified items is like gamling, as you do not know what the stats of the item has, but in doing this exploit the seller may already know the item is and probably not worth keeping so instead wants to sell it for a quick buck. Hopefully you have learned something with this guide.

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