Diablo 3 Guide: Warrior’s Rest Detailed Diablo 3 Farm Guide

Here is a decent farming spot in Act 1 Diablo 3 Inferno where you can get level 61, 62, and 63 items. This Diablo 3 farm guide is about the Warrior’s Rest, a very small dungeon with one elite mob spawning always inside it. You can farm decent items and equips ranging from level 61 to 63, as the elite mob is pretty easy to kill. Some treasure chests also often appears in the dungeon. Read more and continue to learn where this Diablo 3 farming spot is and how to go to Warrior’s Rest dungeon.

Why use this Diablo 3 farming spot?

diablo 3 warrior's rest

Diablo 3 game Patch 1.0.3 buffed drop chances, so technically you can get level 61, 62, and 63 equipments in playing Act 1 of Diablo 3 Inferno difficulty. You can almost always get some rare items killing the elite mob with 150+ MF.

How to get to the Warrior’s Rest?

1. Select Act 1 – The Broken Blade – Talk to Alaric quest.

2. Proceed to the Festering Woods using the Waypoint.

3. Search the for Warrior’s Rest and enter. (You can always check the map if you are near the Warrior’s Rest.)

4. Kill the Elite. Loot, then teleport back to town.

5. Leave the game, and resume.

6. Repeat the above steps.

If you happen to have a hard time in playing the Inferno difficulty, then lower the difficulty by playing Hell. Do take note that by playing in Inferno difficulty you have better chances of scoring rare and unique items, the disadvantage is that repair cost are a bit higher. So make sure you can easily kill the elite, as more deaths is equal to more repairs. Have fun farming in this Diablo 3 farming spot!

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