Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Semi-Perma Frost Nova and Diamond Skin Melee Build

Read this Diablo 3 guide and learn how you can easily defeat Diablo Inferno using this Wizard semi-permanent frost nova and diamond skin build. Learn one of the most powerful Diablo 3 wizard build. Using this Diablo 3 Wizard melee build, you can easily spam Frost Nova and Diamond Skin, making your wizard character almost unkillable. By using this build, you can easily defeat Diablo 3 inferno bosses and elites.

How does the Wizard Melee build works?

The build uses the power of “Critical Mass” passive skill, along with attack skills Energy Twister and Spectral Blades. The build works by having a good amount of critical chance, making the Frost Nova and Diamond Skin accessible for every 1 or 2 seconds. This build came from the concept of the previous Wizard OP build which is a Diablo 3 exploit that uses using Living Lightning and Force Weapon Poison, along with Critical Mass. Allowing a spamable Frost Nova and Diamond Skin. The mentioned Wizard OP build is one of the first Diablo 3 character that able to beat Diablo 3 Inferno difficulty during the week that Diablo 3 game had been released.

Diablo 3 Wizard Melee Build

Wizard Semi-Perma Frost Nova and Diamond Skin Melee Build Skills

Spectral Blade – Deep Cuts

Energy Twister – Wicked Wind

Frost Nova – Bone Chill
Diamond Skin

Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction

Energy Armor – Prismatic Armor

Passive Skills:
Critical Mass

How to use this build?


Diablo 3 Wizard Melee Build Skills

Just attack using Spectral Blade, and Energy Twister, and spam your Frost Nova and Diamond Skin hotkeys. For extra critical attacks use Explosive Blast as you enter the battlefield or go attack the Boss.

Below are screenshots of the equipments to be able to fully utilize the build.

Here is the complete sample equipments of this Diablo 3 Wizard OP Build. You should be targeting in getting some of these equipment item stats. Hit Like, Share, or Tweet to unlock the premium content.

Try to get a DPS of 40k above, and Critical Hit Chance of over 40%. Boost your Intelligence stat to over 1900+ and get a 900+ resistance to all elements (achievable with Energy Armor – Prismatic Armor). Having Critical Hits grants Arcane Power is a plus.

Watch Wizard Semi-Perma Frost Nova and Diamond Skin Melee Build in Action

Diablo 3 Melee Wizard 4 min Diablo Inferno Kill

If you are a wizard and still getting pawned by bosses in Diablo 3, then read this Diablo 3 guide and try out this build. Unleash an amazing potential of your Wizard Character in Diablo 3 by using this Wizard Semi-Perma Frost Nova and Diamond Skin Melee Build.

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