Diablo 3 Guide: Zoltun Kulle Hardcore Power Leveling Secret 1 to 60 (Post Patch 1.0.3a)

Want to power level up fast, from level 1 to level 60 in Diablo 3? Here is a secret way to powerlevel your Diablo 3 character using Zoltun Kulle infinite experience trick which works post Patch 1.0.3a. The current max level in Diablo 3 PC game is 60, and while there are gamers who reach the max level in many days or weeks, there are those who get to level 60 in just a day or just less than 24 hours. The secret in getting to level 60 quickly in Diablo 3 is to know methods of power leveling.

As Patch 1.0.3a went live last June 26, 2012, there are reports that Zoltun Kulle powerleveling trick had been patch. Yes it was patched being part of the “Fixed several gold and leveling exploits” issues in the game, however it still working but there is a trick in getting it to work. Below is the Diablo 3 power leveling cheat that is working post patch 1.03a.

diablo 3 patch 1.0.3a zoltun kulle exploit

In this Diablo 3 guide, we will show you how to power level your Diablo 3 character using the Zoltun Kulle experience exploit trick. Note that this Diablo 3 cheat is perfect for Hardcore players, as there is no battle involve. You can do this Diablo 3 exploit for both Diablo 3 softcore and hardcore.
You can even use this Diablo 3 exploit using a single computer. Check out our guide in how to run multiple clients in Diablo 3. This is currently working and even leveled another backup Diablo 3 hardcore Barbarian class to level 60.

DISCLAIMER: Use this Diablo 3 exploit at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage cause by this exploit to your account.

Diablo 3 Exploit: Zoltun Kulle Hardcore Power Leveling Secret

Below are the steps in using Zoltun Kulle power leveling experience trick. The exploit works by trigerring an infinite loop experience reward, which give experience points and also gold. The exploit not only made my Hardcore Barbarian to level 60, but also gave me more than 2 million gold.

A – Player 1 (Player that will be boosting the other player)
B – Player 2 (Player that will be power leveled or the Leecher)

1. A creates a Diablo 3 game using Act II Quest 8, Part 3 (Enter Zoltun Kulle Chamber)

2. B joins the game.

3. A kills Zoltun while B stays in the City.

4. After A kills Zoltun, B then leave the game and clicks “Resume Game”, get the Black Soulstone and teleport back to the city.

5. B turn quest in by talking to Adria, and joins A’s game.

6. A grabs Soulstone, and B leaves the game.

7. B resumes the game and turns the quest in again by talking to Adria.

8. A resumes his own game, and request to party B by using the “Request Party”


10. A leaves the game, while B resumes and turns in the quest for quick rewards.

11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 for the infinite experience loop trick.

If you want to get the most out of this Diablo 3 exploit, you can powerlevel from 1 to 50 using Normal difficulty, and proceed to from 50 to 60 using Hell difficulty. Nightmare difficulty need to be escaped as the quest rewards are so little.

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