Diablo 3 Player Makes $10,000 from RMAH, Has Screenshots To Prove it

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House or RMAH is where you can get high quality weapons and equipment by buying the items using real money.  Currently many Diablo 3 gamers had been earning from it and WishboneTheDog has an outstanding story to share.

WishboneTheDog, a Diablo 3 player managed to rake in a huge amount of $10,000 by just selling items on the Diablo 3 RMAH. From the Reddit article that he posted, he stated that this had been done legitimately without using hacks, cheats, and Diablo 3 exploits.


Below are his proofs that he made huge money on the RMAH.

diablo 3 rmah

While some Diablo 3 gamers want to remove RMAH, still there are believers like WishboneTheDog, that uses to their success. Though he won’t disclose specific items that he had bought , sold, and his trade techniques and secret, still WishboneTheDog is the perfect example of a very successful Diablo 3 player.

If you thought of Diablo 3 RMAH just a gimmick, then perhaps it is time to rethink about that. Got your Diablo 3 success story? Then maybe you can share it with us.