Diablo III Inferno – You Will Die. We Promise.

Diablo III Inferno – You Will Die. We Promise.

With Diablo III Inferno¬†difficulty, Blizzard says “You Will Die. We Promise.” Seems like Diablo III gameplay difficulty is been pumped up as Diablo III gameplay panel including 3D Artist Kevin K. Griffith, Environment Artist Nate Bowde, Senior Artist Nick Eberle, and 3D Artist Richie Marella, have been discussing how hard will Diablo III inferno difficulty is.


Well can Diablo III pro gamers handle this as gameplay difficulty moves from normal difficulty, nightmare, hell, and inferno. Stated from the video is that the normal mode is pretty casual and the game really starts at nightmare, and once you get in hell difficulty it will start to be really hard. Diablo III inferno difficulty offers new sets of challenges. As players MUST work as a team in order to survive, plus you need to really use your gems to strengthen your defense and stats.

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/U0F2wPZWdYk?rel=0 420 243]

I’ve remember playing Diablo I and it offered secret levels, now I wonder if Diablo III has secret levels in it. But happy to know that Diablo III will pose new challenges to their gamers, as Diablo III players will have a difficult time finishing or completing the later levels, especially the Inferno difficulty. Hope that Diablo III will be released this 2012, and let’s see if Blizzard is really serious saying Diablo III InfernoYou Will Die. We Promised“.

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