DOTA 2 International Tournament Champion and Winners

Find out who’s the $1 million dollar prize in DOTA 2 International tournament champion, as well as other DOTA 2 tournament winners who brought home huge prizes.

DOTA 2 Grand Final International 2012 tournament which has a million dollar grand prize up for grabs had finally ended. DOTA 2 teams from all over the world battle each other’s out, showing their very own DOTA 2 skills and DOTA 2 strategies such as hero picking, hero laning, ganking, map control and hero combos.

Final eight teams bracket which includes LGD-Gaming, Orange E-Sports, complexity Gaming, Zenith, Invictus Gaming, Evil Geniuses, DK, and Natus Vincere battling out for ranking positions as huge pot money will be awarded for the tournament winner. Prizes at stake on the DOTA 2 The International tournament includes a $1 million first place prize, a $250,000 2nd place price,  $150,000 third place, $80,000 for fourth place, $35,000 for fifth place and sixth place, and $25,000 for seventh and eighth place teams.

DOTA 2 International Tournament Champions

dota 2 tournament champions 2012

Invictus Gaming (iG) DOTA 2 Chinese team wins the DOTA 2 International tournament bringing home the grand prize of $1 million! iG Team includes “Zhou” (Chen Yao), “Ferrari 430″ (Luo Feichi), “YYF” (Jiang Cen), “ChuaN” (Wong Hock Ghuan), and “Faith” (Zeng Hongda).

iG successfully defeated Natus Vincere (NaVi), the last years DOTA 2 tournament champions, in a hard fought best of five battles. Na’Vi gets home $250,000 which is a huge compensation for being great at the game.

DOTA 2 is scheduled for free-to-play release later this year, and Valve is currently have it running on open-beta, with free sign-up for those players who have beta invites or purchase the game at $30 for immediate access.