Dota 2 Patch 6.78 Goes Live With Massive Updates, Tweaks and Balances

Valve have updated its Dota 2 to version 6.78, and deployed major updates including balance changes to over 70 heroes, items and towers. To make sure certain heroes and items aren’t too overpowered or underpowered, Valve released a patch update in Dota 2 targeting game balances. With the Dota 2 International 2013 Tournament just months away, along with its hefty $2.2 million prize, professional teams must adapt to the changes and re-strategize their builds.

dota 2 patch 6.78 changes

If you are getting bored with same old heroes getting picked over and over again in pro tourneys. Like in most matches where the Lifestealer, Magnus and Lone Druid are getting picked too much. This time players need to reorganize their tactics and builds.

With Patch 6.78 update, heroes like the Lifestealer, Magnus and Lone Druid gets balanced. The Lifestealer’s Open Wounds, which made him into a killing machine in chasing fleeing heroes, had its initial range reduced from 600 down to 200. The Lone Druid’s bear will now take damage when using the item, Armlet of Mordiggian, and will give 300 gold if it gets killed. The Magnus skill, Reverse Polarity had its damaged reduced from 150/225/300 to just 50/125/200.

This means that the Lone Druid’s bear won’t wield Armlet of Mordiggian effectively, as unlike before where the life drain don’t affect the bear, this time it will receive damage from it. Magnus success in solo ganking heroes at level six has lessened, as its special Reverse Polarity gets nerfed. On the other hand, Lifestealer gaving potential removed at early levels, as his opponents was given more time to react before he can cast the Open Wounds.

For those who are a fan of Aghanim’s Scepter, there’s good news as the item which improves heroes ultimate was made available for more heroes. Some potential game-changing heroes updates using Aghanim’s Scepter are Necrolyte’s Reaper Scythe now makes buybacks disabled on any hero being killed using the skill, Silencer’s Curse of Slient increased duration by one second and applies the current skill level of Curse of the Silent to all units, and Ancient Apparition’s Ultimate Ice Blast prolongs regen to 17 seconds from 8/9/10, preventing damage over time and fatal when being on a 10% health debuff.

In addition to the game balances, Valve also added an offline mode which you can access if the “no Steam logon detected” error appears. Starting Dota 2 while not connected to Steam hivemind will let you play against bot and run a tutorial.

For the whole game updates, tweaks and changes, proceed to read the huge list of Dota 2 Patch 6.78 log changes below.

Dota 2 Patch 6.78 Changes, Tweaks and Balances:

– Axe: Counter Helix cooldown decreased from 0.65/0.6/0.55/0.5 to 0.55/0.5/0.45/0.4
– Ancient Apparition: Ice Vortex cooldown decreased from 6 to 5
– Ancient Apparition: Ice Blast base AoE increased from 225 to 275
– Ancient Apparition: Added Aghanim’s Scepter (Ice Blast duration increased from 8/9/10 to 17)
– Batrider: Vision decreased from 1800/800 to 1400/800
– Batrider: Flamebreak manacost increased from 80/100/120/140 to 140
– Beastmaster: Greater Hawk invisibility fade time decreased from 5 to 4
– Bloodseeker: Strygwyr’s Thirst now gives you bonus 3/4/5/6 armor when active
– Bloodseeker: Bloodrage dispels the target before applying its buff
– Bloodseeker: Rupture damage is now HP loss
– Bounty Hunter: Track manacost from 70/60/50 to 50
– Brewmaster: Aghanim’s Primal Split units now gain your current level of Drunken Brawler
– Brewmaster: Fire Spirit no longer upgrades damage with Aghanim’s Scepter
– Bristleback: Quill Spray hit memory increased from 10 to 14 seconds
– Broodmother: Incapacitating Bite miss chance from 10/20/30/40% to 30/40/50/60%
– Broodmother: Spawn Spiderlings unit count increased from 1/2/3/3 to 1/2/3/4
– Clinkz: Strafe cooldown decreased from 60/50/40/30 to 45/40/35/30
– Clockwerk: Power Cogs no longer knock back magic immune units
– Crystal Maiden: Brilliance Aura mana regen increased from 0.5/1/1.5/2 to 1/1.5/2/2.5
– Crystal Maiden: Freezing Field explosion AoE increased from 215 to 230
– Crystal Maiden: Aghanim’s Freezing Field’s attack speed reduction aura increased from -20 to -50
– Dark Seer: Vacuum cooldown increased from 22 to 24
– Dazzle: Shadow Wave target count increased from 3/3/4/5 to 3/4/5/6
– Dazzle: Shallow Grave can now be cast on magic immune allies
– Death Prophet: Movement speed decreased from 285 to 280
– Death Prophet: Silence AoE increased from 200/275/350/350 to 350
– Death Prophet: Witchcraft move speed bonus increased from 4/8/12/16% to 5/10/15/20%
– Disruptor: Thunder Strike from 3 strikes over 4 seconds to 4 strikes over 6 seconds
– Disruptor: Thunder Strike damage per strike decreased from 50/75/100/125 to 40/60/80/100
– Disruptor: Thunder Strike AoE increased from 200 to 240
– Doom: Doom now disables Feast, Backtrack, Dispersion, Juxtapose, Bristleback and Blood Bath
– Doom: Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade duration reworked (duration doesn’t count down while near Doom)
– Dragon Knight: Corrosive Breath passive from Level 1 Elder Form now carries over to Level 2 (the DPS)
– Drow Ranger: Trueshot Aura increased from 14/18/22/26% to 16/20/24/28%
– Earthshaker: Turn rate improved from 0.4 to 0.6
– Earthshaker: Fissure range increased from 1200 to 1300
– Earthshaker: Echo Slam now considers illusions as heroes
– Elder Titan: Ancestral Spirit vision type from Flying to Ground
– Elder Titan: Natural Order aura increased from 20/40/60/80% to 25/50/75/100%
– Enchantress: Aghanim’s Scepter bonus attack range increased from 165 to 190
– Enigma: Malefice scaling reworked (now 3 ticks with 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 sec stun and 75/120/165/210 damage)
– Gyrocopter: Flak Cannon cooldown increased from 20 to 30
– Huskar: Base Strength increased by 3
– Huskar: Burning Spears DPS increased from 4/8/12/16 to 5/10/15/20
– Huskar: Life Break HP cost increased from 35/30/25% to 40/35/30%
– Huskar: Berserker’s Blood Reworked (now has 4/5/6/7% magic resistance and 8/12/16/20 attack speed per stack)
– Huskar: Removed from Captain’s Mode
– Invoker: Alacrity manacost decreased from 100 to 75
– Invoker: Ghost Walk slow increased from 20/23/26/30/33/36/40 to 20/25/30/35/40/45/50
– Invoker: Ghost Walk cooldown decreased from 60 to 35
– Invoker: Tornado damage rescaled from 70+(Wex+Quas)*20 to 70+(2*Wex+Quas)*15
– Io: Spirits no longer provide vision, except temporarily when they collide with an enemy hero
– Io: Overcharge hp/mp cost increased from 3.5% to 4.5%
– Juggernaut: Omnislash no longer jumps on Tombestone Zombies
– Keeper of the Light: Base Strength decreased by 2
– Kunkka: Ghost Ship damage increased from 300/400/500 to 350/450/550
– Kunkka: X Marks The Spot manacost decreased from 80/90/100/110 to 80
– Kunkka: X Marks The Spot vision from 1000 flying to 400 ground vision
– Lich: Chainfrost bounce count increased from 7 to 10
– Lifestealer: Open Wounds cast range decreased from 600 to 200/300/400/500
– Lina: Attack range increased from 625 to 635
– Lion: Mana Drain break and cast range improved by 100 (750/1100 -> 850/1200)
– Lion: Aghanim’s Finger of Death CD decreased from 160/100/40 to 100/60/20
– Lone Druid: Spirit Bear now has its HP drained by Armlet when active
– Lone Druid: Spirit Bear bounty increased from 100 to 300
– Lycanthrope: Armor increased by 1 (Shapeshift total armor is still the same as before)
– Magnataur: Reverse Polarity damaged decreased from 150/225/300 to 50/125/200
– Medusa: Stone Gaze Reworked

Any unit facing Medusa will have its attack, movement and turn rate reduced by 50% until the end of the spell. If you accumulate 2 seconds time (in total) facing Medusa, you will turn to stone.

Stoned units are disabled, have 100% magic resistance and take extra damage from physical attacks.

View Angle Spread: 85
Gaze Duration: 6 seconds.
Stone Duration: 3 seconds
Bonus Physical Damage: 30/40/50%
AOE: 1000
CD: 90
Manacost: 200

Note: Kills illusions instead of petrifying them

– Medusa: Removed from Captain’s Mode
– Meepo: Innate magic resistance increased from 25% to 35%
– Mirana: Elune’s Arrow now deals up to 100 extra damage based on distance the arrow traveled
– Mirana: Moonlight Shadow cooldown decreased from 160/140/120 to 140/120/100
– Mirana: Starfall will choose a new target for the second star if the first died before impact
– Morphling: Base attack time improved from 1.7 to 1.6
– Naga Siren: Rip Tide cooldown rescaled from 19/16/13/10 to 10
– Necrolyte: If a unit dies under Reaper’s Scythe, it will be credited to Necrolyte
– Necrolyte: Aghanim’s Reaper’s Scythe causes buyback to be disabled on heroes it kills for that death
– Nyx Assassin: Mana Burn drain and damage decreased from 5x Int to 3.5/4/4.5/5x
– Nyx Assassin: Mana Burn manacost rescaled from 130/120/110/100 to 100
– Nightstalker: Hunter in the Night attack speed rescaled from 30/45/60/75 to 45/55/65/75 (MS remains 20/25/30/35)
– Ogre Magi: Ignite DPS increased from 26/32/38/44 to 26/34/42/50
– Omniknight: Added Aghanim’s Scepter (Global and affects buildings)
– Outworld Devourer: Movement speed increased from 310 to 315
– Phantom Assassin: Blur level 4 evasion increased from 35% to 40%
– Phantom Lancer: Spirit Lance, Dopplewalk, Juxtapose and Phantom Edge illusions damage dealt decreased from 25% to 20%
– Pudge: Flesh Heap strength bonus increased from 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8 to 1/1.5/2/2.5
– Pugna: Nether Blast structure damage increased from 33% to 50%
– Pugna: Decrepify can now target Tombstone
– Razor: Eye of the Storm duration increased from 20/25/30 to 30
– Razor: Eye of the Storm strike interval decreased from 0.75/0.65/0.55 to 0.7/0.6/0.5 (Aghanim’s to 0.55/0.45/0.35)
– Razor: Unstable Current movement speed bonus increased from 3/6/9/12% to 4/8/12/16%
– Riki: Permanent Invisibility fade time decreased from 3/2.25/1.5 to 3/2/1
– Sand King: Invisibility fade delay when exiting Sand Storm improved from 0.3/0.6/0.9/1.5 to 1.5
– Sand King: Sand Storm now has a smoother damage interval (1->0.5, total damage is the same)
– Shadow Demon: Base Intelligence decreased by 3
– Shadow Demon: Shadow Poison no longer gives vision over the targets with the debuff
– Shadow Fiend: Requiem of Souls slow rescaled from 15/20/25% to 20%
– Shadow Fiend: Requiem of Souls damage reduction increased from 15/20/25% to 50%
– Shadow Shaman: Aghanim’s Mass Serpent Wards damage increased from 53-59/74-79/94-100 to 85-90/105-110/125-130
– Silencer: Global Silence now affects sleeping units
– Silencer: Added Aghanim’s Scepter for Silencer (Adds CotS to all units and increases duration by one)
– Skeleton King: Reincarnation slow now affects attack speed as well
– Skeleton King: Reincarnation slow happens immediately upon death rather than after reincarnating
– Skeleton King: Critical Strike Reworked (Allows you to temporarily trade Critical Strike for a 7 second 20% max life drain)
– Slardar: Bash damage type from magical to physical
– Slardar: Sprint cooldown decreased from 40 to 28
– Sniper: Shrapnel AoE increased from 360 to 400
– Spirit Breaker: Charge of Darkness will now also Greater Bash its target
– Storm Spirit: Electric Vortex cooldown decreased from 20 to 21/20/19/18
– Tidehunter: Ravage AoE rescaled from 825/925/1025 to 1025
– Timbersaw: Base Strength increased by 3
– Timbersaw: Int growth increased from 1.8 to 2.4
– Timbersaw: Chakram initial manacost rescaled from 125/150/175 to 75/125/175
– Timbersaw: Chakram move speed increased from 800 to 900
– Tiny: Toss cooldown decreased from 10 to 9
– Tiny: You can now Toss units to Runes
– Treant Protector: Leech Seed slow increased from 24% to 28%
– Treant Protector: Leech Seed’s healing effect no longer ends when the target dies
– Troll Warlord: Battle Trance cooldown increased from 20 to 30
– Troll Warlord: Battle Trance duration decreased from 10 to 7
– Tuskar: Snowball cooldown decreased from 24 to 21
– Undying: Soul Rip cast range increased from 650 to 750
– Ursa: Fury Swipes duration increased from 6 to 15
– Vengeful Spirit: Strength increased from 16 + 2.3 to 18 + 2.6
– Vengeful Spirit: Nether Swap cast range rescaled from 600/900/1200 to 650/925/1200
– Venomancer: Poison Sting duration increased from 6/7/8/9 to 6/8/10/12
– Viper: Corrosive Skin affects any damage source not just regular attacks
– Viper: Viper Strike is no longer removed by Dark Pact or Kraken Shell
– Witch Doctor: Death Ward cast range rescaled from 300/350/400 to 400
– Witch Doctor: Maledict cast range increased from 400 to 525

– Drums of Endurance: Recipe cost increased from 750 to 800
– Armlet of Mordiggian: HP regen decreased from 8 to 7
– Assault Cuirass: Positive armor aura is no longer prevented from stacking with other items
– Black King Bar: Magic Immunity now has a 6th level of decrease
– Blade Mail: Armor increased from 5 to 6
– Blade Mail: Damage Return cooldown decreased from 22 to 17
– Blink Dagger: Cooldown decreased from 14 to 12
– Bloodstone: Initial charges increased from 6 to 8
– Bloodstone: Can be activated to instantly kill yourself (requires a ground target)
– Bottle: While empty, causes couriers to move 30% slower
– Courier: Courier no longer block neutral creeps from spawning
– Courier: Courier Speed Burst from 100% to 50% MS bonus (still reaches max speed)
– Dagon: Recipe cost decreased from 1300 to 1250
– Dust of Appearance: Now stacks in inventory
– Dust of Appearance: Now slows heroes with an invisibility buff on them by 10%
– Ethereal Blade: Self or ally cast duration increased to 4 seconds
– Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: Movement speed bonus increased from 30 to 35
– Force Staff: Recipe cost decreased from 1000 to 900
– Gem of True Sight: Gem can no longer be destroyed
– Gem of True Sight: Gold cost increased from 700 to 850
– Headress of Rejuvenation: Regeneration Aura AoE increased from 500 to 750 (now equal to Mekansm’s active)
– Linken’s Sphere: Cooldown decreased from 20 to 17
– Medallion of Courage: Cast range increased from 800 to 1000
– Mekansm: Regeneration Aura AoE increased from 500 to 750 (now equal to active)
– Buckler: Armor bonus AoE active increased from 700 to 750 (now equal to Mekansm’s active )
– Necronimicon: Warrior and Archer armor type changed from Heavy to Hero (takes less damage from creeps)
– Null Talisman: Recipe cost decreased from 145 to 135
– Observer Ward: Initial Stock now starts at 1 instead of 2 (max stock is still 2)
– Quelling Blade: Can now target Observer or Sentry wards dealing 100 damage (wards have 200 hp)
– Quelling Blade: Cast range increased from 100 to 350
– Radiance: Burn damage increased from 45 to 50
– Sange and Yasha: Minor changes to stats
– Sentry Ward: AoE decreased from 950 to 800
– Shadow Amulet: Fade time decreased from 2.6 to 2.4
– Shadow Blade: Damage decreased from 30 to 22
– Shiva’s Guard: Aura AoE decreased from 1000 to the standard 900
– Shiva’s Guard: Attack Speed reduction increased from -30 to -40
– Stygian Desolator: Corruption armor reduction increased from 6 to 7
– Veil of Discord: Discord AoE increased from 550 to 600

– Captain’s Mode bans changed from 2/3 to 2/2/1
– Captain’s Mode picks changed from 3/2 to 2/2/1
– Adjusted ban/pick/reserve times Captain’s Mode

– Deny XP and Bonus XP/Gold AOE is now the same as regular XP AOE (1000->1200)
– 4 hero XP bonus changed from 15+6*Level to 20+5*level
– 5 hero XP bonus changed from 10+5*Level to 15+4*level
– Level 11 XP requirements reduced from 6500 to 6000
– Level 12 XP requirements increased from 7700 to 8200
– Gold for ending a spree changed from 50->400 (3x->10x) to 75->600

– Buy back cooldown increased from 5 to 6 minutes
– Level 1 and Level 2 towers armor increased from 18 to 20
– Towers no longer have separate bounty values when creeps or allies get the last it, it now gives the same reliable bounty to all players as if a creep killed it.
– Hero getting last hit on tower gives 100-200 bonus gold. Does not affect team bounty in any way

– Backdoor protection now also reduces incoming damage by 25%
– Siege units HP increased from 500 to 550

– Repicking a randomed hero now re-adds the hero to the pool
– Swapping a hero that you randomed now costs you 100 gold

– Earthshaker: Fixed a number of slightly incorrect properties with Echo Slam.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed a number of slightly incorrect properties with Whirling Axes.

– Ownage sounds now play on the default Mega-kills, Bastion Mega-kills, Pyrion Flax Mega-kills, and Pirate Captain Mega-kills announcers whenever your team scores 5 or more kills without any heroes on your team dying.

– Mirana: Reduced arrow size by 10%
– Mirana: Reduced arrow saturation
– Mirana: Enemies continue to not see or hear the same effects on the arrow as allies do