Download Kali Linux – Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution

Download Kali Linux – Advanced Linux Penetration Testing Distribution

Download Kali Linux aka BackTrack 6, from the creators of BackTrack Linux penetration testing distribution itself. For the last 7 years, the BackTrack Linux has proven itself in penetration testing and security vulnerability assessment, with this BackTrack team aimed to achieve higher goals and has decided to work on “Kali Linux” which they had been released.

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The Kali Linux coined to be the most advanced and versatile penetration testing distribution (disto) ever made.

What’s New with Kali Linux – Kali Linux vs. BackTrack Linux

kali linux

You might be wondering what the difference between BackTrack and Kali is. The answer actually depends on how you have used BackTrack in the past.

Kali Linux is now using Debian and an FHS-compliant system. This means that instead of navigating the /pentest tree, you will now be able to call any of the tool from anywhere in the system as every application is now included on the system path.

It now constantly provides you with the latest package updates and security vulnerability fixes that are available, by its new streamlined repositories that are synchronized (4 times a day) with Debian repositories.

Also one of the great features on Kali Linux, is that it now able to Bootstrap a Kali Installation/ISO directly from its repositories. This means that you can easily customize and build your own build of Kali, as well as be able to perform enterprise network installs using a local or a remote repository.

Kali Linux ARM Architecture images for Samsung Chromebook ARM, Odroid U2, Raspberry Pi, RK3306 / SS808, and VMWare are also available to be downloaded as they are tested and trusted contributed images by the Offensive Security team themselves.

Kali Linux has also an active community willing to help users, do bug reports, and suggest tools.

With more than 300 free penetration testing tools and counting, Open Source, GPG signed packages and repos, wireless device support, and multi-language capability, surely this penetration testing distribution is a force to reckon with. Added its customizable options Kali Linux is really an advance penetration testing distribution.

Feel free to download Kali Linux and test it, it’s completely free. Just remember when logging in for the first time, just like in BackTrack, the default root password is “toor”.

 BackTrack Reborn – Kali Linux Teaser Video

See the BackTrack Reborn – Kali Linux Teaser Video below.

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Download Kali Linux

You can download Kali Linux here, and browse on its forums and documentations to know how to get started using it.