Download Warsow 1.0 Free FPS Game for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

After 7 years in Beta, Warsow 1.0 is finally released! Download Warsow 1.0, free FPS (first-person shooter) game for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Be one of the first people to play Warsow!

What is Warsow?

Download Warsow 1.0

Warsow is a FREE fast paced FPS (first person shooter) game available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It features a cartoonish world where laser gun carrying punks and rocket launcher wielding pics roam the streets. In this game you are like a cyber-athlete with the ability to jump, dash, dodge and wall jump through the game. Like any first-person shooter game, Warsow is all about speed, movement, and reflexes.

In this game you can grab power-ups before your enemy does, and plant a bomb, or steal an enemy’s flag.

If you enjoy playing Quake, Half-Life, and Counter Strike, you will surely love this game.

Download Warsow 1.0

Get and download Warsow 1.0 here now.

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Warsow 1.0 Changes and Updates


  • Warsow weapons and armour system tuned for improved competitive gameplay.
  • Updated to removed weak ammo system.
  • Fixed octagon hit boxes for consistent hitbox size from all angles.
  • Added improved team play with on-screen teammate indicators and improved mumble support.
  • Added new duel and Bomb&Defuse maps (wdm11, wdm16, wdm17, wbomb6).
  • All maps have gone through considerable game optimizations!

Community features:

  • Added global statistics together with match result saving, demo downloads and skillrating (optional).
  • Added improved community features such as built-in IRC client, in-game news and friends lists.


  • The engine now better utilizes GPU capabilities in order to render animated skeletal models, allowing massive battles without FPS drops.
  • Greatly improved map loading speeds and performance.
  • Added new “e-sports” gfx features such as r_drawflat to give your own personalized wall and floor colours in any map and possibility to disable all colours from lightmaps.
  • Added new easier and more modern user interface (UI) which is fully customizable and scriptable with html/css/js – style syntax!
  • Added improved shoutcasting abilities like OGG stream support for Warsow TV, chase cameras and support for spectator-only hud.

Looking for completely free and enjoyable FPS game? Then checkout and download Warsow 1.0 today!