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October 26, 2012- another groundbreaking day for the computer industry, Microsoft released Windows 8 and hit the shelves for the general public. Though not as theatrical and predictable as how Apple fans fought and lined up to get a hold of the latest i-product, it was welcomed with warm enthusiasm worldwide. It was open to be sold online and through upgrades and different devices, starting from its very own line of tablets labelled as the Windows Surface down to the existing phones in different mobile phone makers. It starts low at $39.00 going up to as much as $70.00 and varying differently on retailers.

Download Windows 8

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This latest Windows version is envisioned and geared towards usability for tablets and mobile phones alike as well as to rival mobile operating systems today. This youngest wonder kid of Microsoft also performs well in desktop systems. Undoubtedly, its functionality is unquestionable to many. However, what poses as one major risk is the reception of the crowd. Will the traditional platform, look and feel of this pioneering brand be missed after this face-lift? – We will soon find out with the first week upon its release.

For the time being, let us try to look at some noticeable changes Windows users will find out first hand. Users will also find that this Operating system has a faster start-up than any of its predecessors combined. Before getting into details, let us first look at the perspective of how this system is visible to the populace.

Windows 8 Features and Changes

windows 8

Windows 8 Features and Changes

Windows 8 Start Screen

Every user is now greeted with an entertaining Start Screen that contains the programs or now termed as “Apps” or Applications in a dynamically updating tile. However, this new user interface received mixed reactions. People are still looking for the traditional desktop feel plus the lack of instructions for first-time users also lead most to think that a new set of learning is needed to adapt to this new interface. Some who are a bit playful and daring enough to explore using this new entertaining system has exciting feedbacks though.

Windows 8 Charm Bar

windows 8 charm bar

Moving and placing your mouse to the sides of display are no longer non-reactive. Microsoft introduces the Charm bar on the right side of the screen appearing as you point to the top or bottom right corners or slide your fingers inward from the screen’s right edges. This presents a simple menu which gives users five icons; namely, the Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings Charms. As usual, when you place your pointer over each icon, Windows gives a hint as to what you can do with it.

Windows 8 Apps

The most notable feature of Windows 8 is fitting its start screen with tiled apps. By default there are 18 apps including the Desktop app that sets the user back to the traditional desktop feel complete with program icons. There are these apps or programs though, that are not available within the desktop simply because they solely not programs that are recognizable and they are apps that belong and react in the start screen only.

Windows Store

windows 8 store

In comparison with existing systems of other companies, the touch and feel are almost the same, except for the fact that these apps are dynamically updating. Windows has its own version of where to get apps; it is called the Windows Store. Like most systems, internet connection is a necessity. We might as well highlight the fact that this system is also hitting the market with in-the-cloud facilities and services competing with existing systems like Android and iOS.

Windows 8 Settings

windows 8 settings

Other tools and Settings can be viewed and tweaked on hand as well as the usual Windows settings presented in older versions, users just need to explore a bit and literally play with it if they don’t get to use any instructional or guide videos. Altogether, this new platform promises and gives much of its expectations.

Windows 8 and Windows RT are now out! Hopefully users can now manage how to use it, with the help of its previews editions like Windows 8 Developer Preview, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and Windows 8 Release Preview. Try this new operating system and check out yourselves some of Windows 8 features and changes. Download Windows 8 now!