Download WordPress 3.5: New Updates and Highlights

Download WordPress 3.5: New Updates and Highlights

Download WordPress 3.5 and update your WordPress blog or site now. WordPress has just released WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” which contains new updates, and features new highlights that users will love. The latest stable release features dramatic new changes such as the flow for uploading photos and creating galleries. The version 3.5 was named in honor of the jazz drummer Elvin Jones, who have played with John Coltrane in addition to many others. Note that with each release and update WordPress do, they patched in security holes and bug fixes so it’s better to use their latest stable release.

Download WordPress 3.5

Download WordPress 3.5 here.

WordPress 3.5 New Default Theme - Twenty Twelve

WordPress 3.5 New Default Theme - Twenty Twelve

WordPress 3.5 New Features


  • To accommodate longer translated input labels it now switch to prompt text in QuickPress
  • Button styles were updated on the Dashboard to have more modern look
  • Added Help Text improvements


  • Renamed the “HTML” editor tab into “Text”
  • Prevent child categories from being visually promoted to the top level after the Quick Edit


  • Added oEmbed suport for,, and
  • New Media Manager lets you insert multiple galleries per post and order images


  • Added visible focus within the admin screens for better accessibility
  • Added “Skip to content” link to all screens in the admin dashboard
  • Added “Skip to toolbar” accessibility shortcut in the admin
  • Added the ability to log out of user account without mouse input
  • Added “tab out” of the plugins and themes editors textareas


  • By default, the Link Manager is hidden for new installs and for any existing WordPress installs that have no links. This can be changed with Link Manager Plugin.
  • Display links in widget if no link categories available


  • Widgets menu is now hidden if your WordPress theme hasn’t defined any sidebars
  • Improved the display of available custom headers with jQuery Masonry


  • Plugins favorited on can be viewed per user and can be directly installed from within the Dashboard.


  • For new users, the display name now defaults to first name and last name
  • When deleting users, you will be forced to choose between content deletion or reassignment


  • Removed Settings Privacy Screen and repositioned the Search Engine Visibility option to Settings Reading Screen
  • Removed the oEmbed options from the Settings Media Screen
  • Enabled XML-RPC by default, and removed from the Writing Settings option
  • Removed the AtomPub from WordPress core, though can be re-enabled with a plugin
  • For new install, the charset option is hidden from the Settings Reading Screen. The default is UTF-8.


  • Multisite installation now work with WordPress using subdirectory
  • Turned off ms-files.php by default
  • File quotas now disabled by default on new WordPress installs

WordPress 3.5 Highlights

New Media Manager

The new media manager features a beautiful interface that provides a streamlined all-new experience. It includes creating galleries faster with drag and drop reordering, simplified controls, and inline caption editing. You can also insert multiple images at once with Shift/Ctrl+click.

New Default Theme – Twenty Twelve

The Twenty Twelve WordPress theme provides simple, flexible, and elegant style. It is a mobile ready with responsive design, great Open Sans typeface and uses the latest theme features.

Admin Enhancements

WordPress Admin had added a new Welcome Screen and is retina-ready (HiDPI). Added enhancements includes hidden link manager for new installs, better accessibility for touch devices, screenreader, and keyboard users plus more polish on admin screens, including a new color picker.

Download the new WordPress 3.5 now and experience the number of added features which you might notice right away upon installing it. For the full list of the changes, bug fixes, deprecated classes, updated external libraries, and function changes, you can browse through WordPress 3.5 notes.